Right Reasons, Wrong Ideas = M23

"The Government is the problem but the people suffer"

What is the M23?

The M23 is , as specified by the DRC government, a "Civil War" that started against the Democratic Republic of Congo government. When issues were brought up by citizens in district, they were looked away from, causing men soldiers, also known as "M23 rebels" to fight back for their fellow people (M23 = March 23 Movement)

Problem in the DRC country

Today, rebels have moved miles and miles into the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing an estimate of 100,000 people, which reach fatal risk throughout the country in this part of Africa. As of now, government officials say they'll try to move or evacuate the people out East but that has been said for over a year. No one knows when this country will ever be safe again

DRC M23 celebrate anniversary

Want More Info.?

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