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Plano RDSPD Staff News - August 28, 2015

You made it through the first week of school!

Welcome to a new year of the Plano_RDSPD Staff Chat. The plan is for this to be a sent to you bi-weekly. I hope you find this another means of communication to keep you updated and informed about all aspects of our program that may affect you. Past and present versions of Staff Chat are archived on MyPISD. Now that we have experimented with this format for a staff newsletter, we hope to add some new features during the coming year. Please take a few minutes to share feedback with us. Let us know what you need and any ideas you have for the newsletter. This newsletter is set as private. It is a staff only newsletter. Much of the information in your newsletter will be in the parent newsletter which will be published on alternate weeks. Both newsletter will be sent to you and archived on MyPISD and Google Sites.

Daily Take 5

Daily Take 5 is an opportunity for you to take 5 minutes a day for yourself to learn and/or be inspired. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity. I will post each day through email and twitter with a question. Please share your thoughts with others. Let’s see what a difference we can make in our own lives and the lives of our students and their families. Please feel free to share the links with others. Please use Twitter to share answers and comments about the article or video clip. Use the hashtags - #DailyTake 5 and #DeafEd so we can connect with each other.

The links for Daily Take 5 can be found on the Daily Take 5 Google Site at

Peer Review

It was so good to get to meet and see everyone together at Davis on August 18. As we begin our journey to a positive Peer Review, please be assured that we are the best program in the state. As is the mindset in Plano, we strive to be EXCEPTIONAL in everything we do. Please include the Plano RDSPD Communication Philosophy in your lesson plans and sub folder. An electronic copy will be sent to the whole team.

Dates to Know:

September 24 @ 6:30 - First Parent Meeting & Student Social - Picnic

October 22 @ 6:30 October Parent Meeting & Student Social

December 3 @ 6:30 December Parent Meeting & Student Social

January 28 @ 6:30 - January Parent Meeting & Student Social

February 20 @ 2:00 - Spring Show

February 25 @ 6:30 - February Parent Meeting & Student Social

March Parent Meeting & Student Social - TBD

April 5 - 8, 2016 - Peer Review

April 21 @ 6:30 April Parent Meeting & Spring Show

May Parent Meeting & Student Social - TBD

Please use and share our Social Media & Other Contacts:

Please make contact with us

Facebook – Plano_RDSPD

Twitter - @Plano_RDSPD - # PlanoDeafEd

MyPISD (for parents of students enrolled in PISD) - Parent Portal Under Classroom - Plano Regional Day School for the Deaf Community Web

Plano RDSPD Parent Google Site -

Remind – text @rdspdp to 81010

Plano RDSPD Main Office – 469 752-5590

Debbie Martin – Coordinator – 469 752-5583,

Click here for a printable flyer to share with families.

Staff Remind App

Do you want reminders of dates and activities?

We use Remind. To join,

text @646aa to 81010 for interpreters

text @17f1b to 81010 for paras

text @teacherssl to81010 for teachers and SLPs

Plano RDSPD Staff Google Site

Under Construction, but check it out...

Plano RDSPD Annual Review of Communication - ARC

We were able to roll out the new Plano RDSPD ARC through training last week with Itinerant and Secondary Teachers. We will be training Elementary and Preschool Teachers in the coming weeks. Remember it is a document in progress. Your input this year will help us refine the process. The ARC document is posted on the Plano RDSPD Staff Google site. I do make changes on that document. Please send your suggestions and corrections to me. With your help we will create a process that will help us better understand each student's communication needs.

Student Accomplishments

  • 3rd Grade TC learned how to use Google to look up images for unfamiliar vocabulary this week!!!
  • Amari Smith is the PSHS basketball manager.
  • Isiah Hall competed in NYC in July in the Deaf Olympics. His team won the chanmpionship!! He is on the PSHS football team and plans to try out for the basketball team
  • Ricardo Medina is tryng out for the PSHS soccer team.
  • Kenzie Suey is on the PSHS swim team.

    Caroline Metersky is on the PSHS Color Guard.

    Jaileen Trevino is on the PSHS track team.

Please send additional student accomplishments as you know them. I will put them in the newsletter each time.

Staff Shout Outs!

  • I would like to say THANKS to all of the itinerant teachers! I am new to the district and new to itinerant teaching and I have been very welcomed and everyone has been very helpful in teaching me the job and how to do things! I couldn’t be more thankful for such a great team! Rachel
  • I like the whole Secondary team! We rock!

  • I’d just like to say Haggard has the best Deaf Ed team!

  • “I’d like to shout out to Cheryl Kraemer for all of her hard work and dedication to this program. We all miss her, especially here at Pearson ECS. Cheryl was an amazing and very resourceful Team Leader and CF supervisor! Best of luck in your new adventures Cheryl!” - Chelsey

  • Tammy Clanton deserves some praise for all of her coordinating and supporting us itinerant/PA staff. Over the summer when I was a new hire, she was available for me with anything that came up. We even meet just to go over planning and the logistics of the job after I was initially trained, just because she wanted to give me that support and make sure I was feeling confident in my services and abilities. Even now, she’s always approachable and will work with me to find a solution to anything that comes up right then and there. There’s never a question that goes unanswered or a problem unsolved. She’s more than helpful in a timely manner, she’s helpful immediately! - Elaine

  • Shout out to my Pearson friends for surviving the first week 1/2 a (wo)man down - and at the same time, shout out to Debbie and Marcia for stepping in :)

  • I would like to give a shout out to Marcia for rejoining our RDSPD team although it feels like she never left!

    Shout out to Debbie for our popcorn snack bar for making a long meeting a lot better! YUMMY!

  • Shout out to Ann Hardy for truly making our program run so well!! She has a hand in almost everything and is so full of knowledge! The mileage must be a huge headache with all the maps to make each day! It's pretty awesome she is super sweet and very nice!!

  • Shout out to the itinerant team for doing what they do in this heat!! I feel like I want to lather deodorant all over before walking into the next campus! Another shout out to the itinerants for not melting the AI inservice snacks that we take out to our campuses! That's super important!

  • Thanks to Tina W., Lindsay G., Thraetha, Gralynna, and Melissa D. for helping with bulletin boards and back-to-school preparations. I couldn’t have made it without you! - Brenda

  • The CART and Interpreters, thanks for making my job so easy! You all have done a great job making sure all students are covered!

  • Leslie-THANKS for staying super late to help me get schedules ready. You rock!

  • Mullins-Your enthusiasm is infectious! Vines is happy to have you back!

  • Oursbourn-Thanks for going above and beyond at the start of school to make sure all the students feel welcome!

  • Ann-Thanks for your patience in sending and REsending me documents.The Vines Staff is awesome!!!! They make everyone feel so welcome! -Susan

  • Many thanks go to Susan Oursbourn for helping make my year start off great!!! - Susan

  • To all the itinerant staff for being flexible with caseloads! Everyone is accepting changes and new students without complaint!

  • To Cindy, Rachel, Lindsey, Sarah and Takiyah for helping with McKinney ISD FM Systems and making the transition with their consult students run smoothly!

  • To all of the itinerant and parent advisors for helping Elaine and Rachel get acclimated to their new jobs.

  • To Elaine, Fanny and Debra for taking on the 8 new babies in 1 week! Your caseloads are full and you still joyfully meet the needs of all of your families.

  • To all the itinerant teachers for taking on more students this year! We realize that you have a larger caseload than previous years and you are working harder than ever to meet all of your students’ needs.

Please send additional staff accomplishments and shout outs. I will put them in the newsletter each time.

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Team Pictures Needed

I am needing team pictures for our K-12 website which will be appearing soon. I also want to use the pictures for our Parent Google site. Get with your team leaders and send me your photos. Be creative in your pose, but they must be appropriate for public viewing. Thanks

What do you want from a newsletter?

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