Green Screen Ideas

Taking the Next Steps to Create Exciting Videos and Images

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Ms. D's Virtual PD: Getting Started with Green Screens

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Green Screen Ideas for the Classroom and Virtual Lessons!

  • Use the Green Screen while teaching a lesson - background fits the topic
  • Film an introduction to a lesson
  • Make music video
  • Use a diagram behind you to discuss and point out pieces
  • Have students create their own videos
  • Create the sense you are somewhere else....anywhere you want!
  • Make it look like a Newscast
  • Conduct Interviews
  • Talk through Math Problems - post problem/work behind them
  • Act a scene from a book, story or event in history
  • Describe the setting for a story or event - have the setting as the background
  • Be Creative!

Green Screen Ideas for Marketing and Promotion!

  • Create a background to match your event theme!
  • Create an overlay with the Date or title - Ex; Use to create transparent text
  • Have Props - Fun or Matching the Theme
  • Have Characters
  • Use as a Photo Op - gets your message and name out
  • Could be used as a Fundraiser
  • Can be for FUN!

Examples from Events with the Green Screen

Practice Makes Projects Run Smoother

  • the process of getting the background to the device you will use
  • storyboarding or planning out shots
  • your script (seriously....practice it!)
  • Check that your background isn't blurry

Documenting Images at Events

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