The Distinctive Institution

Kylie Pickrell Furnish-5th period

How to Escape from slavery in the Distinctive Institution through the Underground Railroad

1. Never travel during the day. Always wait til it gets dark and make sure you run during the night to cover more ground. Use the day to hide and rest up.

2. Locate the North star in the night sky and follow it, it leads to the North. During the day, follow the birds flying North, they are another navigational resource you can use.

3. Always disguise your scent and keep your trail hidden so that if someone comes after you, you dont get caught. Getting caught by your overseer because you ran away would result in you getting flogged.

4. Get all the way to the Ohio river, just into kentucky, and you will come to find people waiting there for you.

5. When arriving at the station's masters house, say that you are "a friend with friends."

Once you'v arrived at the staion masters house, tell them that you are, "a friend with friends".

6. Dont settle for just making it into the North, if you want to be undoubtfully safe make it all the way to canada.

7. Use the station masters map to locate the other station masters house, there you will cross the Great ALeks into Canada.

CONGRATULATIONS!! By following these instructions that means you have now reached freedom and are no longer living under the torments of those who are apart of the Distinctive Institution through the Underground Railroad.

*note that the journey will in no ways be easy, but use inspiration from darkies Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner to help you provail on your journey. Even though Vesey was not successful in escaping, she can be looked at as a great inspiration to all slaves.

Order of the route:

From Nashville, to Tennessee then Louisville, Kentucky. By getting through here you have made it out of the Black Belt. Now make you way to Cincinnati, Ohio and from there get to Columbus, Ohio, then to Cleveland, Ohio and finally across Lake Erie and into Canada.

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