The Culture of Tacocat

By Cameron Bryant

Daily Life

The Clothing

Clothes worn here are purely cool shirts bought from hot topic and other places like that.

The Food

Most of the food eaten here can basically be described as good, or delicious.


The Religion practiced here is Islam.

There isn't a penalty for not believing in Islam, it is just the most common religion.
In this picture you can see a bunch of us at the Ka'aba


The Government Being used by this culture is Oligarchy

Don't get me wrong, we're a tolerant bunch. we just have a standard set of rules so the people don't start killing each other.
We just want you to know that we are in charge here...


Market Economy

Of course you can sell your own goods. we allow you to manufacture your own stuff and sell it as you please.
We Promise not to take a portion of your money...but... taxes are a thing...