World War One

The Great War

Cause's For World War One

there where five main causes for WW1 imperiallism nationalism, militarism, the shooting of arch duke Franz Ferdinana of Austria hungry and alliances, Nationalism was the pride of ones contrary, militarism was that everyone's military was growing and they where all dying to use it, imperialism was trying to gain more land then when arch duke Franz Ferdinana of Austria hungry was killed like a ticking time bomb world war one began and more and more people joined in because they had alliances with the people in the war

Australias Part In The War

Many men wanted to join the war either because they had a lot of pride for their country or the wanted to impress others especially the woman who where not allowed to go into the war but what they did do is they work for the red cross providing the men with things like socks for their feet. since the men where gone women also had to take up some of the jobs that men did this sparked the start of women rights.they also wanted to join because the wanted to help Britten out because that was their country of origin

The Battles

  • Battle of the Somme
  • Bullecourt

where only some of the Battle fought by the AUSTRALIAN soldiers had to fight in.Battle of the Somme stared in July 1916 to November 1916 and it was aimed to break the stalemate because nothing was happening and no one was winning.the plan was to send out a huge attack on the Germans in the Somme river valley and this would cut them off from the war but the Germans had heavy gun fire and on the first day the Germans killed over 20,000 soldiers.the Australians how ever where able to capture a small German town and by the end of august they where able to gain 1.5 kilometres in land.In April 1917 Australian soldiers were sent to fight the Germans near the bull court they had tanks so it was going to be easy but they broke down the Australians were still able to break through the barbed wire and capture the first two German trenches.the Germans sent out a counter attack and 80 per cent of the attacking force was lost but Australia sent more troops in early may and they held down Bullecourt.

Home front

the Australians where heart broken to discover that thousands troops that where being killed in the war . since all the men where of fighting for their contrary there was no one to do the jobs the men would usually do and at that time there was a high demand for resources women had to start taking up some of the jobs. People were starting to realise that war was not as fun as they thought and less and less men where signing up to join the war and they wanted to start forcing them to join if they where a certain age which was called conscription but the people did not Agree with this and it was turned down

Anzac Day

Celebrated to remember all those who put their lives on the line and went to fight in the war for their country even though they new there was a great chance of them dying. We also celabrate 11/11/1918 which is the day that the war had finally ended and all the fighting stoped. There many memorials across the world for the Anzacs such as The Shrine of Remembrance,Melbourne Australia which was built for the men and woman who served world war one but now its used for people that have served in the war in general.The Australian War Memorial which is located in Canberra,regarded as one of the most significant memorials in the world opened in 1941it also includes a national military museum
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