A Peek at Our Week In...

Mrs. Erlewine's class September 16, 2016

Science: The Five Senses

This week was our first full week of a science study: the five senses. Each day we learned about a specific sense.

We started out this week by talking about our five senses. Monday we went on a listening walk to listen for all the different sounds we can hear. Tuesday we talked about sight. We collected data about our class' eye color and created a graph. Wednesday we discussed tasted and talked about how things could taste sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Thursday we passed around cups that contained cotton balls that had been doused in in different smells. The students had to guess what smell was inside each cup (cinnamon, lemon, pumpkin spice, banana, coffee, vanilla, Italian spice, and garlic).

Real World Problem Solved Using our Five Senses!

Since we were experts at the five senses, it was really fun to test our knowledge. We had two containers of "white" granules. The labels fell off! How were we going to figure out which one was salt and which one was sugar? The students had to come up with ideas using each sense. We smelled it, listened to it, felt it, even looked at it under magnifying glasses! But in the end, the best way to tell was to taste it! This was a great example of how we can use our five senses to solve a real life problem!

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Can Your Child Read This?

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We are working on building our reading muscles during daily 5's read to self!

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Looking ahead to letter Mm

Learn The Letter M | Let's Learn About The Alphabet | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann
"The Letter M Song" by ABCmouse.com
ABC Song: The Letter M, "The Mighty M" by StoryBots

Our Class Wish List

Some of the needs for our classroom are:

  • paper towels
  • ziplock backs -sandwich and gallon size
  • baby wipes

If you want to help us out, we would be grateful! Thank you in advance!