Fight Alabama Fight!

The Alabama football team earns a spot in the 1926 Rose Bowl

Football in 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

Jem is one of the biggest fans of football in Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Jem mentioned the Alabama College Football team having a chance to be in the Rose Bowl. The book states, "Alabama might go to the Rose Bowl this year,..." (page 147). Therefore I have decided to research the first year Alabama went to the Rose Bowl.

The 1926 Rose Bowl Game and Key Players

The Alabama College football team went undefeated in their season against teams all located in the south. So the team would be going to the Rose Bowl of 1926. They would going up against the Washington Huskies. Washington considered the best college team of the country and many thought that Alabama would be crushed. During the first half of the game Washington took a lead of 12-0. Many fans believed the game was over but Alabama hung on. In the second half scored 3 touch downs. The first was achieved by quarterback Allison Hubert. The second and third touchdown were achieved by Johnny Mack Brown. Halfback Grant Gillis made a 58-yard pass to Johnny and quarterback Allison Hubert made a 62-yard pass to Johnny causing him to socre. This made the score 12-20. The game was suddenly changed. Washington managed to score one more touchdown making the score 19-20. Alabama held onto the win because of a game saving tackle by Johnny Mack Brown. Alabama had won their very first Rose Bowl championship.

The Coach Behind the Victory

The coach behind this victory was the one and only Wallace Wade. He is considered one of the greatest coaches in history of college football. He led 3 Alabama teams to national championships and Rose Bowl games. He made the Alabama college football team a powerhouse. Football in the south at this time was considered mediocre. The South had a history of military defeat, poverty, and cultural alienation from the rest of the country. This victory raised the reputation to a region on the move.