By Riley and Kiarha

What Is It?

Bullying is when someone uses power in a hurtful way or in an unfair way. Bullying is not just physical, it can also be when kids tease others or intimidate others, too.

How Many?

30% of kids get bullied a day, in school, online, or just getting teased. Over hundreds of thousands don't want to go to school in a fear that they are going to get bullied.

Where Does It Happen?

The top five states for bullying being reported are:

1. California

2. New York

3. Illinois

4. Pennsylvania

5. Washington

Just because these are the top states doesn't mean that this is the only bullying goes on, it is going on everywhere.

What Race Gets Bullied More

Gingers get bullied more than any other race. Boys and girls both get bullied the same amount.