Parts of the computer

Inside a CPU

What is the CPU?

The CPU is the box that controls the whole computer. The mouse, the screen, the keyboard and everything that had to be plugged in is going to be plugged into the CPU. The CPU contains the motherboard, the RAM card, hard drive, well all the computer needs to work. The CPU is like the brains of the computer. The full name for the CPU is the Central Processing Unit.

Windows and macs are different. This CPU that we are looking is a windows/dell CPU.

<------- The box is the CPU

The Hard Drive

The hard drive is what a computer uses to store all of its information and programs. Even when the computer is turned off, the hard drive is still able to keep the information.The hard drive stores and receives information.

The Fans

The fans are quite important in the CPU because they cool the computer down so it doesn't over heat. If the computer over heats it would get very hot and it would stop working and maybe even set on fire. The fans have a very important job in the CPU.

The keyboard, microphone, mouse, speakers, screen and monitor are all input. They are all connected to the "computer" (CPU) The CPU is the main station for all of the inputs to work.