Rose Gold

One of the top designer hair colors of today

The Scoop

Everyone see's Rose gold in their own way - some see more peachy tones, some see a frosted rose' some see a more translucent pink and 'wa-la!" Rose Gold. Some even see hints of a violet hiding within the tones of the Rose gold look.

What is rose gold to you?

Who is an idea client for this trend?

What is Rose Gold?

Why is this trend so popular?

How can you embrace this trend and set a new standard of coloring to your salon with GK HAIR Mixtones and Juvexin Cream Color?

Striking Gold

  • This formula is for the Rose that is looking to be more tropical - this will give you a vibrant peachy Salmon almost like a rose gold on a tropical island feel

15 Grams 900 + .5 inch of Red + .5 inch of Yellow + dbl 20 vol

  • Tweak that formula just a notch to ad a bit of smokiness to the look - Add 1 inch of ASH mix tones to take the tropics to the foggy forest for this Smoky Rose' look

  • This is my absolute favorite rose gold - This rose is a mix of golden sunsets, roses and that beautiful rose gold ring you have your eye on -

15 G 901 + 4 G 7.26 + .5 in of yellow (just a smudge) + dbl 20 vol

  • For a more bubble-gum rose gold this formula will take the cake

15 Grams 10.12 + dot of Yellow, Copper and Red Mixtones dbl 20 Volume

Potential Clients

Things to take into consideration

There are always things to take into consideration when formulating Designer Hair Colors

these are a few things to remember when creating CONSISTENT results

  • remember to cap developer
  • Remember that Ratio of Color to Developer play a huge part
  • Always pre mix color in bowl before adding developer
  • Consult with client to have realistic expectations
  • Talk about aftercare and always color seal!