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Parent Newsletter for Kellam High School - September 2018

Welcome Back!

The Knightly News is a parent newsletter created specifically for you, the parent. On the final Friday of every month, your newsletter will arrive via email. It will include such information as Hot Topics in Education; Student Activities Highlights and Announcements; Information from the Staff Newsletter (The Knight Times); Counseling Department Updates; Sports and Clubs meetings, games, and celebrations; Instructional Highlights from what’s going on in our classrooms; Gifted news; Testing information; PTSA announcements; and Partners in Education opportunities. This year will include new editorial that celebrates the diverse community to which we belong called “Culturally Speaking”. Your feedback on this section as well as anything else included in this newsletter is welcomed. We look forward to keeping you update and receiving your suggestions for improvements. Our theme this year is "More Unity, more community, that’s the power of Kellam”!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter: @KellamHigh and Facebook: KellamHS. Our website is updated regularly for more information:

"One Lunch" becomes just LUNCH!

This year all students will eat LUNCH together after 3rd block. The academic benefits of a school wide lunch program include an uninterrupted 3rd block where students gain instructional time. It also provides an opportunity for teachers to have “office hours”, where teachers are available to support students through make up work, tutoring, reassessments, etc. Room locations for each teacher is posted in each learning community. The Peer Tutoring Center is also open during Lunch for student support.

LUNCH is a tremendous opportunity for students to have some independence and choice. Club meetings and other activities will be regularly scheduled during this time and offer a great opportunity for each student to be connected to our school. Some students will choose to relax and talk with friends, which is also beneficial. Regardless of their choice, we expect students to be respectful of their school and of others. We can trust our students to make good decisions.

New this year, students will have the ability to pre-order their lunch in the morning. Lunch lines are usually dissipated within 10-15 minutes so don't worry each student will have time to eat and enjoy their lunch.

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The Kellam High School dress code

The Kellam High School dress code is established to promote a positive self-image, avoid safety hazards, and prevent disruption to the learning environment. Modesty, cleanliness, neatness and appropriateness are the standards which should be observed by all students in their personal dress and grooming.

  • When standing or seated shirts and the tops of dresses should cover all parts of the upper body including the back and midriff and should not overexpose the breast/chest. Therefore the following types of shirts are prohibited: halter type, racer back, tube tops, strapless tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses should be at least fingertip length when the arms are extended to the side of the body. (Holes in clothing will be held to this same standard of falling below the fingertips.)
  • All undergarments (including bras and boxers) should not be visible when standing or seated.
  • Pajamas, slippers, shoes with wheels and any other clothing or shoes that present a safety hazard or are in poor taste are prohibited. (Clothing that advertises or displays drugs, alcohol or inappropriate phrases or gestures are in poor taste.)
  • Hats and headwear are to be removed upon entering the school and must be stored in a locker or bag for the entire school day.
  • Clothing worn under sweaters/sweatshirts/jackets must meet the dress code guidelines.

Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

To join the PTSA for the 2018/2019 school year, please visit our website at PTSA Membership is $7 and helps the PTSA support our educators and Kellam High School students.

Please consider participating in our Stress-Free Fundraiser which is one way that we raise funds to support all the important events that your kid’s participant in such as GradFest. For more information, visit the PTSA website.

Help the PTSA raise funds by placing your Amazon orders through Once in your account, select “Change Your Charity”, and select Kellam High School. A portion of your purchase will be donated to the PTSA.

We need volunteers for the following:

  • Hospitality Chairperson, which entails assisting with all the fun events we provide for teachers, administrators and support staff in and outside of Kellam High School. Please email if you would like to help.

  • Gradfest for the graduating class of 2019 - , This isn’t only for the parents of seniors! We also need help from the parents of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. For more information, please join the Facebook page: Kellam All Knight Gradfest 2019.

PTSA meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the main office at Kellam.

For updates and information about PTSA sponsored events, please follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @Kellam_PTSA.

Knight Trials - Homework Help

Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) will continue to use the Homework Help program provided by the City of Virginia Beach during the 2018-2019 school year.

Through Homework Help, students receive after school assistance from state certified teachers. Homework Help operates from 3-9 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Students can access Homework Help at the following City of Virginia Beach website:

The link for Homework Help will be displayed on both the VBCPS website and each individual school website under the student/student resources drop down section.

It is hoped this homework assistance program with extended and weekend hours provides students with the flexibility to obtain homework assistance.

uKnight is Back and it's Better!

We will continue to have Advisory Block where each Kellam student and teacher will be engaged in activities that ensure that adults in the school are getting to know each student well. uKnight (advisory) advisors will play an active role to ensure that each of their advisee's learning needs are being met, while encouraging them to make good academic choices and plans for their future. Many of the students will recognizes their uKnight advisory from last year as an effort was made to build on the relationships established last year by keep uKnight groups together.

uKnight will take place for 40 minutes, between 1st and 2nd Blocks. It will be held approximately every other Wednesday (see specific dates below).

September 5, 19,

October 3, 17, 31

November 7, 14

December 5, 19

January 2, 16

February 20, 27

March 6

April 10

May 1, 17 (Friday)

June 5

Castle Counselors

The counseling department is happy to have added two new amazing members to our team. Both experienced counselors possess attributes that will add to the dynamics of our team. Allison Dobson is joining us from Kempsville High School and Dave Bunting is coming over from Granby High School. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help.

Important Dates from the Counseling Department for September:

  • September 18th: All 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students and parents are invited to join us for an information filled night involving the college planning and application process!

    • 6:00pm-7:00pm - College Admissions Panel Q&A session. Hear important information about how to strengthen your college applications straight from admissions counselors including those from William & Mary, George Mason, James Madison, Virginia Wesleyan, and Old Dominion.

    • 7:00-7:15- brief session on key information pieces about college planning and the application process from your school counselors

    • 7:15-8:00-Financial AId information session from our ACCESS Counselor, Sarah Gastler

  • September 18th: DEADLINE TO ADD A COURSE. No exceptions. Due to seat hour requirements, no student can be added to a class after this date. The deadline to DROP a class is the end of the first quarter for non-AP classes. The drop window for AP classes is between the end of quarter one and the end of the first semester.

  • September 19th- Large Group Senior Meeting followed by one-to-one senior status meetings with all seniors beginning September 19th through October 12th.

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Culturally Speaking

We celebrate diversity! With this in mind, a new addition to the newsletter will bring you news of celebrations- locally, nationally or worldwide. In this first edition, we would like to highlight and celebrate the students of Thailand who were trapped in a cave for 17 days.

How did they survive? How did they stay alive in the dark, unaware of the rescue efforts being made? We learned that they survived by conserving what little food they had, drinking water from the cave wall they presumed was fresh, by praying and meditating. During this time these young men showed the type of GRIT that should be nurtured, developed, and celebrated in all young people. Great job Thailand students. We celebrate you!

First Days of School - Alternate Schedules

The first week of school will be dedicated to team building. Although we will distribute Chromebooks on the first day there will be no homework and very few papers to sign. The normal "first day packet" will not be sent home until Thursday, the 3rd day of school. There will be a number of different schedules that are designed to allow students to meet all of their teachers, receive their Chromebooks, and have their first uKnight Advisory meeting. Students will also participate in their class meetings and set expectations for the year. Students attending our centers (ATC, Technical and Career Center and Governor's School) will attend their sessions during normal times and will report to the cafe commons during times when they do not have class.
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Sunday Knights-SCA

Welcome Back!

The SCA Executive Board made a shield for every faculty and staff member as well as every student. Encourage your child to find his/her shield in the commons area near guidance.

SCA Representative Applications are available in the main office, Student Activities, and outside A120. Please encourage your students to get involved and have their voices heard!

Our first General Assembly will be Tuesday, September 18, 2018 during lunch in room B222.

Mark your calendar for October 26th - Homecoming!! More details to come!

Twitter: @KHS_SCA (Kellam HS SCA 18-19)

Instagram: @kellamsca (Kellam High School SCA)

Facebook: KellamHS (Floyd E Kellam High School)

To the Castle and Beyond- Student Activities

We are excited to welcome all our Knights back to the Castle for the 2018-2019 school year. If you have any questions about Kellam student activities please email Katie Cosimano

Please see the quick links below for some frequently used forms and websites as well as information on school pictures and Kellam social media accounts.

VHSL Physical Form

Beach District Website for athletic schedules and results

Underclassmen Pictures

Fall underclassmen pictures are scheduled for September 11 and 12 during English classes.

Social Media

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on important information and to see what’s going on at the Castle!

Twitter - @KellamHigh

Instagram - kellamstuact

Upcoming Events

Stay connected to our calendar and mark yours!

For all Beach District and VHSL sporting events involving YOUR Kellam Knights, click HERE.

September 4 - First Day of School

September 5 and 6 - uKnight Advisory Block day

September 11 and 12 - Underclassmen Picture Day

September 17 - Make-up Senior Picture Day

September 25 at 5pm - ESL Open House

September 25 at 6pm - PTSA Open House

September 28 - Next issue of The Knightly News

The Knightly News

The Knightly News is a collaborative effort involving many members of the Kellam staff and community. For direct questions, please contact Dr. Daniel Smith, at or 648-5100.