Henrico County - Useful Information

By: Chris Kirkland and Alex Prottengeier

Some quick facts about our county:

Our county is named Henrico, in the state of Virginia. Henrico is 245 Square Miles large, and there are 306,935 people who live within Henrico County. Here are some statistics about Henrico County:

Urban/Rural area -

Henrico County is 96% Suburban/Urban, and 4% Rural.

Education -

85.8% of students will graduate High School, 27% of students will be able to earn a College or Associate's Degree, and 31.2% of students will be able to earn a Bachelor's Degree or higher.

Some Occupations Citizens can get:

In Henrico County, there are many upcoming job events, especially for the Police Force. Some of these include a Senior Citizen's Police Academy (SCPA), a Henrico County Communications Officer opportunity, and a Henrico Police Law Enforcement Explorer program.

Below are some pictures of our County, including the Seal, a map of Henrico, and some pictures from the three categories listed above.

More Facts for Henrico County

Henrico's Government Structure:

Henrico County is one of the few Counties to use the County Manager form of government. Henrico has a Board of Supervisors that enact ordinances and adopt an annual budget, and they have a County Manager, which is the head of the government in Henrico.

Some Henrico County Departments:

Here are three County Departments in Henrico:

Board of Supervisors:

- Regular meetings to address public issues

- One member represents one of the 5 districts in Henrico

- Contains a Chairman and Vice Chairman

Henrico Fire Department:

- One of the many Public Safety organizations

- Helps people in Henrico in case there is a fire or other emergency

- Helps keep the commonwealth prepared by giving occasional demonstrations

Henrico Health Department:

- Helps keep people informed about current health issues in Henrico

- Promotes the General Welfare of the community

- Gives people medical help and information when needed

Some pictures are shown below that shows these three Departments above:

Henrico County Services:

Here are some Henrico County Services:

Community Maintenance:

- Helps remove trash and debris from the yards of the elderly and disabled citizens

- Preps and Paints homes for elderly and disabled people who need housing

- Makes minor repairs to painting projects

Refuse Collection:

- Collects curbside trash in areas of the county

- Collects curbside recycling in neighborhoods

- Collects bagged leafs

County Parks:

- Gives public parks for everybody to use

- County Park Watch in effect to prevent crime

- Many Facilities for people to use

There are pictures below showing these services above:

Some other facts about Henrico:

Here are some other facts about Henrico County:

Henrico County is 407 Years old to this day

Henrico County was named after Henry, the prince of Wales, who was also the oldest son of King James I of England.

Some attractions that people go to in Henrico include the Richmond International Raceway, the Meadow Farm Museum, and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.