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From the CSA

Winter Greetings! We are reaching our halfway point already for the academic year. Where does the time go? As you may have heard, New Jersey will be partaking in the new assessment this spring. The PARCC test is a new format and presents a myriad of firsts for LAC School. But we ARE ready. More information can be found on our website. Wishing you warmth and health, Jay Eitner - CSA
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Class Happenings

In Ms. Arrizon's Class...

PK – 2ND grade students learned to read aloud in Spanish. PK is continuously singing, reading, and writing syllables. Kindergarten - 2ND students are reading the magazine Let’s Find Out in Spanish. Students also listen to Spanish music while they are dancing, playing, and working. All the videos we watch and dances we do are on the virtual classroom. When the class reaches 10 stickers on their sticker chart, they get to play beísbol inside the classroom, or they get to try a snack from a Spanish-speaking country- most recently it was Quinoa.

3RD & 4TH grade students created Google presentations about a Spanish-speaking country. While learning about the countries they selected, they also gained and applied their knowledge of: researching skills, inserting videos, copyright policies; shortcuts for: adding and deleting slides, adding and deleting text boxes, dragging and dropping images, scrolling using the mouse and the arrow keys, and basic steps to solving problems with technology as they arose. Sample presentations are on the teacher webpage; just click the 3RD – 5TH Grade tab.

5TH grade students created Google presentations and recycled instruments from Spanish-speaking country. At the beginning of the marking period the class discussed their options and decided, unanimously, that they would like to explore instruments from their Spanish-speaking country. The class watched a video about the Landfill Harmonics from Perú. Then, they researched their instruments and created them out of everyday objects. Sample presentations, the picture of the instruments, and the “jam session” video are on the teacher webpage under the 3RD – 5TH Grade tab.

6TH- 8TH grade students created Fakebook pages about a historical person from the Spanish-speaking country they chose. Each week their DO NOW was to guess the gender, place of birth, and five things the historical person did. Then, they had to look up, discuss, and write down actual facts about that person. Some of the historical people were: Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar “El Cid”, Salvador Dalí, and Rigoberta Menchú. Sample Fakebook pages are on the teacher webpage under the 6TH – 8TH Grade tab.

As always, everyone is encouraged to use the virtual classroom to follow and interact with the Spanish classes on: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pintrest.

In Ms. Williams' Class...

In Math, third grade and fourth grade have been working hard to memorize their multiplication facts. Each student is building his or her own ice cream cone to track their progress. As the students master each times table, they get to add to their individual ice cream cone. Once every student in class has built the entire ice cream cone, we will have an ice cream sundae party to celebrate their accomplishment!

In Science, third grade has been learning all about animals and how they depend on their environments and each other in order to survive. The students are currently working on creating a food chain. Fourth grade has been discussing potential and kinetic energy. They experimented on different sports balls to see which ball had the greatest kinetic energy.

In Mrs. Sherman's Class...

In 5th grade, students are studying the Earths parts. They certainly had fun creating their "Earth Apples". 6th grade is working on landforms and writing about the life cycle of their PET Rock. Some of the stories are just precious. 7th grade is working on Osmosis and Diffusion . They seem very shocked to see the permeable tea bag gets Darker everyday. As for 8th grade They are learning about clouds not the ones in the sky but ELECTRON CLOUDS. They are finding out that there are so many elements in their body and the clouds are amazing.