Did You Know?

Communities in Schools at Peters Colony Elementary

December 2016

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Communities In Schools of North Texas is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Lunch with a Leader

Our Lunch with a Leader meeting went great this month of December. The students and mentors enjoyed the holiday spirit with ornament decorating, good food, music and a special treat for the students. Our speaker for the month read a book "You are Special" by Max Lucado. The students obtained a copy of the book to take home as a token from their mentor. This is one of the goals of the group to work on student's ability to focus on their special skills and build their confidence to stand out and be unique.

I would like to thank all the mentors who volunteer their time to spend with our students. They do make a tremendous difference in our student's lives!


Lovepacs has been working to support our community by providing extra food for those long school breaks that the students are at home. They have been providing for PC students and families for several years and they continue to be here every Holiday season.

CIS coordinated efforts to distribute boxes of food and we were able to help families with extra food for the holidays. I want to extend my THANKS to Lovepacs for all their help.

Also I want to extend my thanks to Trinity Presbyterian Church for donating gift certificates for groceries or a nice Christmas meal for families in need.

Thanks to all those who came to our help during this Holiday season!!!


CIS offered tutoring services for students from second to fifth grade this Fall semester. Most of the students were from third grade and they worked on their math skills. About 20 students were referred by teachers to participate and we are looking forward to having more during the Spring semester. The tutoring services are offered with the help of UNT math students who will gladly come and work with students in small groups to help them boost their math skills. Thank you so much to the tutors and hope to see them back again!!


Reading Adventure Program

CIS is working to bring a literacy program to grades K-2 to help students practice their reading skills at home. This is a pilot program that has two goals; one is to help students gain reading fluency and love for reading and the other goal is to engage parents in the process of helping their child. The program consists of checking out a backpack to students to take home for the weekend. The backpack consists of 3-4 books along with 1-2 activities that students can work on with the help of a parent. Also it includes all supplies, flash cards and puzzles to practice numbers, patters and spelling.

The backpacks available are for grade levels K-2, some have books in Spanish and there are different themes. We had first grade try these out in the month in December. These backpacks are available to any student and not just CIS students. Contact me If you are interested in having one of your students participate in the Reading Adventure Program.

This program has been possible with the help of Ms. Burns by giving her insight on ways to help students engage in reading and bringing this wonderful idea to CIS. Also PTA was very instrumental in the process by donating the backpacks to CIS so they can be used in the program and Little Elm High School for donating the stuffed animals that come with the backpacks. Thank you so much to all the people who have been involved!


Orlando is a fifth grader who has been in the program for four years. He has always been very dedicated and willing to participate in the program. He has participated in Homework Club since he was in third grade and still shows the same enthusiasm as the first year. Some students have left Homework Club and they do not show up every week. Orlando will come and start on his homework as soon as he gets in his seat and until it is time to go. He is one of those few who will get a book and read without asking when he does not have homework and never complain. I admire his discipline and I believe it is one of the skills that will make him successful in academics and life. Way to go Orlando!

Carolina Vidaurre-Cosenza / Traditional Site Coordinator

There are 65 students enrolled in the traditional Communities in School program. My goal is to enroll 100 students in the program. Please continue to refer students that can benefit from the program. If you have any questions regarding CIS enrollment or F4K program, please contact me directly.

Thank you and Happy New Year!!!