Jackson is no hero,more like a zero

By: Anika Medrano, Period 7

Jackson is a hater!

Jackson wanted the land and forced the Native Americans to move off of their land! He disliked the Native Americans greatly and didn't see their practices as civil. He promised that he would help them out when they got the new land and that's the only reason they agreed but to no surprise nobody was there to help them. They lost thousands of people on the way to this "New Land" which they called the "trail of tears".

The Spoils System

President Jackson created "The spoils system" that replaced good federal workers with Jackson's friends. This was an unfair system that caused tons of people to loose their jobs that they were good at, to friends of the president that had no idea what it took to help run the nation. They were simply their for Jackson's amusement. Andrew Jackson was very unfair and abused the power of hiring people.
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He ignored the other branches of government and did what he wanted to do.

Jackson ignored the other branches of government, like the executive branch was the only that was important and wasn't willing to work together. In some people's eyes he was a king or a tyrant. He ignored the supreme court ruling in the Georgia vs. Worcester. The supreme court ruled that Worcester didn't break any laws but Jackson didn't care about the supreme court ruling and took sides with Georgia and took matters into his own hands which made the Cherokee nation move.

Political Cartoon

This political cartoon is about Jackson making the tariff of abomination. If you look to the bottom of the stairs there is two dead men which are the constitution and the another guy. Jackson is at the top praising despotism. Despotism is the idea of absolute power used in a cruel or excessive way and that's exactly what Jackson did making the tariff.
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Andrew Jackson Mini Bio

Mini BIO - Andrew Jackson