The Journey To Perseverance

Sean Murray May 2016

What Is The Definition Of Perseverance?

Perseverance is never stopping, When times are tough don't give up.

Nadja On My Way (Description)

When Nadja was young her mom introduced her to a instrument, that instrument was called the violin. She always refused to play it but her mom forced her to. So Nadja didn't refuse she played it, she sort of liked it. Her instructor was strict but teach her how to play the violin. She got better and better. They're the people that helped her the most. She had a competition and got to semi finals and she was so nervous she wasn't ready to play. She qualified for the winner of the competition. When they called her saying she won the competition, She couldn't believe she didn't think it was true. But she won and she was so happy and proud, And so when she got older she had an apartment. She didn't eat a lot all she had was small snacks. One time she was making food and burnt down her whole apartment. After that she won more competitions and became more popular people seem to know who she is. She won more competitions and performed for people more. She then became a professional violinist and a international violinist. Nadja ventured through to win also not quitting. Today Nadja travels to other country's to perform for people. Nadja Ventured through to win her competitions.
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Nadja's Album Cover

Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt (Compare and Contrast)

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Jackie Robinson (Cause And Effect)

Jackie Robinson cause and effect here are some cause and effects
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Cane's Arcade (Problem And Solution)

Cane worked with his dad in the summer because he had no were to go. So when Cane was sitting around doing nothing, he thought of a good idea. He thought to build an arcade and he thought it would be great if people would come and play his arcade games made out of cardboard. And it is very hard to build an arcade with cardboard and especially what games he is making. Cane thought it was great if even one person would stop by and play his games. One day a reporter came to his arcade and played Cane's arcade games, Then the reporter put it on his social media. There was a donation spot for Cane's school. So then the next day his dad took Cane out so everybody would come and surprise him with all the people there. Cane had shirts that were his, he made them. Then when Cane came back he was so surprised and happy, He was speechless. Then he let all the people play his arcade games. There were so many decorations his store and everybody played the games. Then so many people were inspired so all these people around the world made cardboard games and posted it on social media. Cane did not yield to the people. He was patient with everything, he was never mad. Cane Inspired many other to make easy cardboard arcade games.
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Caine's Arcade

The Sandy Road (Chronological/Sequential)

One day a merchant wanted to sell his items for a profit. So he gathered some men and they all gathered their items and they left. The journey to get their was harsh and horrible. Sometimes the men wouldn't even sleep they would have to keep going not stopping day and night. The men were always so tired, When they all feel asleep one night the oxen left them with all their food, water, and supplies that they needed. So they had nothing to survive on to get to their destination and sell their items. So when their where walking to get their, one of the men heard water below of them so grabbed a hammer and tried to brake there way to get there. So one of the men broke it. So then all then all the men were happy and excited. They persevered because nobody gave up and they kept going when times were tough. So then the men all got to were they could sell their items for a profit. The merchant was persistence to reach his goal.
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A Merchant

Lessons Learned From Perseverance

The lesson from perseverance is when things don't go as planned don't quit keep going forward. It's Important to except failure so to not make the mistake again. When bad adversities appear just don't quit. For example Jackie Robinson nobody treated nice and all the people at the games throw food or other things at Jackie or spit on him, Or the crowds would boo or do something distracting so he wouldn't hit the ball. But he never quit he kept persevering when times were tough. Jackie got his team wins and other good things. Branch Rickey was proud of him. Since Jackie kept persevering he got something good out of the whole thing.