Historical Change

By: Cassie, Lexie, Cole, and William Laird


Trade on the Amber Road By: Cassie

The amber Road did just what it sounds like. It brought amber to places that didn't have such as Greece, Italy, the Black sea area, Syria, and Egypt for a profit thousands of years ago. This amber was then used by these people in decorations and symbols of wealth. This changed the way they showed there prosperity or poverty.

Trade with china By: Cassie

The Chinese have been known to trade with the U.S and they still do, but one company has taken it to far. Beijing Kings Nower seed science and technology co. Ltd. recently had workers arrested for the thieving of genetically altered corn seeds from an Iowa farm. Nower seed has been trading seeds with the U.S and now we are wondering if they have been our seeds all along


Conflicts: Genocides, Civil Wars, Over Ideas, and Terrorism By: Cassie


Rwanda - during the Rwandan Genocide that took place between the Hutu and Tutsi, the tutsi were accused of shooting down the Hutu presidents plane. The Tutsi had once been put in charge by the U.N. Because they looked more like the belgians. During the Tutsi's power they held it over the Hutu that they were better, so the Hutu hated them for that as well. The Hutu also accused the Tutsi of supporting a tutsi rebel group that had shot down the plane. The Hutu then chose to Cut down all the tall trees and commit genocide on the tutsi. In the end about three, fourths of the Tutsi were killed along with thousands of Hutus who opposed the killing.

Civil War:

The Mexican Cession- this war between Americans and Mexicans was over the lands in the southwest. The Americans wanted to compleat manifest destiny, which was the dream that the American country would stretch all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The Mexicans. Had scarcely occupied that land since they had started there countries with many failing settlements and very few successful ones, but they wereproud and wouldn't give up the land without a fight, so they fought. The result of this was that the Americans received the Mexican cession and bought a piece of land.


The cold war- this was a war of escalation between the USA and USSR, was caused by many reasons. Some are Americas fear of communist attack, and USSR's fear of atomic bomb. President Truman's dislike of Stalin, and Americas refusal to share nuclear secrets. The USSR breaking into Europe, and USSR fear of American attack. Finally the want of the USSR to spread world communism. Then Gorbachev introduced recognition and openness, which led to peaceful revolutions all over Europe which caused the end of the USSR and the war.


The Oklahoma City Bombing- timothy McVeigh, Terry Nicols, and forteir suspected the federal government because of new gun control laws, and some deaths they suspected the government was behind. So Timothy and Terry set off a fertilizer bomb next to the building and set it off. This caused the deaths of 168 people 19 of which were youths being held in the day care, and the destruction of the front half of the building.


Air Conditioning By: Cassie

Air conditioning is the process of changing the conditions of the air, these conditions are mainly temperature and humidity.

Air conditioners made the western part of the US tolerable which led to many people moving westward to grab at the cheap land

The air conditioner changed south america by making hotels more welcoming to tourists allowing there economy to grow

The air conditioner changed Europe by sparking a debate on what is better to put in car air conditioners entailing a greener future

Australia's electricity prices have risen by 50% and there productivity 70% all because of air conditioning

Asia's China is expected to surpass the United States in Electricity used for air conditioning by 2020

Are own president feels that africans should have a right to these technologies and have more people with it not just the rich