Drag Art & Activism European Youth Exchange

Challenging the Gender construct!

This Youth exchange aims to explore Gender Expression as a form of art, but also as a form of activism that allows challenging the Gender spectrum and unfair situations due to the Gender gap and the many glass ceilings that women and minorities face on daily basis.

When and Where

Tuesday, Sep. 4th, 9pm to Friday, Sep. 14th, 11pm

Torino, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

Turin, Piedmont

During the project, you will have the chance to:

  • Explore Gender from different perspectives, including the national realities that participants bring.
  • Look specifically at the experiences of LGBTI+ young people, and consider a range of different approaches and actions to create resilience and increase inclusion.
  • Consider practices in challenging hate speech amongst young people, dealing with prejudices and countering discrimination through art and activism.
  • Explore possible 'alter egos' and how they can be allies for self-development.
  • Learn some skills in the art of Drag that can also support some future employability.
  • Explore and celebrate LGBTI+ Culture.
  • Have a safe space for inquiry and personal growth
  • Raise awareness and acceptance of LGBTI+ people across the EU
  • Reach citizens, foster diversity and nondiscrimination
  • Promote LGBTI+ Rights, Human Rights and equality through the Erasmus+ program

Big picture

Key themes and activities of the exchange

  • Gender
  • Drag
  • Art
  • Activism
  • Human Rights
  • Leisure and Fun activities

If you would like to spend 10 days with young people from other countries and play around and experience with Drag art and activism and you're over 16 years old. fill this application form (it's super short, We promise!): https://goo.gl/forms/r2KFtZLRkME0d81Z2
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Big picture

Participation in this project is free (all project costs will be covered)