Come to Texas !

Dezreen Nidoy

Come on down to Texas !

Are your seeking adventure, escaping from problems, or just looking for plentiful and inexpensive land? Then your looking at the right flyer. Here in Texas, we've got all of what your looking for.

Looking for Land?

You can find a whole lot of land in Texas. Settlers who are farmers receive one labor/177 acres, but if your a person who raises cattle, you can get up to 4,428 acres! There's always space for everyone. Many settlers got both of the acres.

Requirements Needed!

  • You must be a Mexican citizen
  • You must always follow the Mexican Law
  • You must be Catholic

What the Land is like

The land here in Texas is huge! We have land everywhere, miles and miles of acres. Building a house, company, or a farm we have all the space you need.

How much does the land cost?

Mostly in the United States you have to pay $1.25, but here in Texas we've got them beat. Over here you only pay 12.5 cents per acre and paid out over several years; that's way less the n the United States. How about them apples.