Creative Writing Portfolio

By: Riley

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Skill Analyzing

Level of Understanding:

High Level

How I've shown my level of understanding:

I think that I've shown my level of understanding in my writing by using very descriptive words (which I believe is one of my stronger points, I like to "paint a picture" in the reader's mind), using high levels of organization in my writing (by plotting out my ideas, events, dialog, etc.), making my sentences flow (I think I do a good job of making my sentences flow, make sense, and sound good), engaging readers into my writing, creating pieces that will draw the reader in and connect to the story and characters, etc.

Highest level piece:

Things to work on in the future:

I think that I need to work on grammer (especially with commas) and try to make things flow better instead of having such long sentences (especially sine I like to create run on sentences). I also want to work on more touching/moving scenes and make it so that it really affects the reader and makes them actually feel something if a character dies or if something really big happens. So creating more impactful pieces.

Writing Trait #1: Ideas

For this standard I believe that I’m in the exceptional (6) range because my idea is original and clear (I’ve talked through my piece with multiple people and made some changes on what people were confused about I'm very happy with the end result). The topic of my piece is very managed and focused (and my planning is very precise and detailed so you can really see how the story moves and flows). I think that my piece’s details are very good (I loved to detail things and use descriptive words to “paint a picture” inside the reader’s head) but at the same time they don’t overpower the story or the reader.

I also believe that the events are unpredictable yet you don’t get super confused and can easily follow the story and its events. For this piece I used a lot of my own knowledge to think of how to write this book into something that I would like to read. For example I try to make characters and a plot that not only I will enjoy but that the reader will too and try to put myself in the readers’ shoes while writing. When reading I like it when writers tie in something from the beginning of the book to the end so that it’s really touching. So for my piece I used a similar method. At the beginning, after Ava and Anna's father dies, Anna is sitting in the garden and talks to her mother about how her father promised to build her a swing to sit on and look out into the garden but he died before he could. So for the ending I decided to tied that in and after Anna dies, Ava builds the swing outlooking the garden in honor/memory of Anna and her father.

This piece started off with a lot of questions and it was very confusing to the reader (and a lot of people that I showed it to) and even to me because I couldn’t fit some things in that I wanted and then there was the ending... (so it was a giant mess). But then I found a different say to set things up and talked to a few different people and went through a few things until it all fit together and finally made sense. So now I believe that it answers all of the reader’s questions but there’s always the possibility that there will be more in the future (since I am still writing and could change a few things along the way).

Writing Trait #2: Organization

I think out of all of these, organization is one of my strongest points because I like to plot out my characters, dialog, plots, major events, etc. For my organization I created a character outline of all my characters, their traits, descriptions, roles, etc. I also made framework which is where I plotted out and ordered all of my events, possible ideas, possible endings, dialog, and more.

I believe that by looking at my organization you can see that it shows a good consistency and flows very well. It also shows that all my ideas, information, notes, etc. and is all very interesting (I think it is, don’t like then don’t read it) and shows how the story and characters grow throughout my planning.

I’m very proud of my organization but I’m especially proud of the ending piece that I’ve planned out to put into my piece. I believe that it concludes and wraps everything up and leaves the reader feeling a sense of resolution (especially after having so many things happen *cough cough* deaths). I feel like my ending with Ava building the swing for Anna and her father really ties up the entire book and gives the reader closure while also being touching (right in the feels) and showing character development at the same time.

I believe that the pace of my piece is very good -noted it’s a bit fast because I’m fitting all of these events into 14-15 chapters with a prologue and possible epilogue. But even though it’s at a faster pace I know when to slow down to describe something and when to do a timeskip or flip to another character’s POV. I also believe that flows well and all of my events are in order and make sense throughout the story.

For right now I do not have a title (I have one in mind but as I am not done with my writing I still want to think over more ideas until I get one that I love or am happy with).

Below are my framework (final draft) and my character outlines.

My Organizing/Planning:

Writing Trait #3: Voice

As an author I believe that I have a very unique voice in my writing and you can really tell it’s mine because of the way I construct my sentences and my use of descriptive words . Also while I’m writing I like to put a bit of myself in all of my pieces by putting myself in the characters shoes and imagining what it would be like to be them, what thoughts they would have, how they would react in certain situations, etc. I also like to think about the reader’s point of view and how they would react to certain things and what they would like and what they wouldn’t and thing that I would like to read or see in a book.

I really enjoy writing in third person because I can be very flexible with it and I can also flip between different characters and see things through their eyes so you’re not just looking through one person and get to see more character development with more characters. I also like it because I’m able to focus on all of my characters (because there are a lot) and put more flavor, personalities, and different types of writing into my piece.

I also like to make my pieces affect the reader by creating touching and moving scenes (like the scene with the swing and the multiple character deaths, etc.). I also like to make the characters likeable (aka become obsessed with and explode all over tumblr) and make them so they’re relatable to readers so they feel like they can really connect with them and feel for them.

Writing Trait #4: Word Choice

Word choice is also a very strong point in my writing because I like to use a lot of very descriptive words and like to use a lot of detail - like painting a picture. But while I write I try not to over use descriptive words because you have to find that perfect amount of detail where it’s not too little but it’s also not too much at the same time (you don’t want to overwhelm the reader but you don’t want them to be bored out of their minds either).

While writing I try to make it as easy to understand as possible and try not to make confusing sentences like run-ons, or making them too wordy, etc. I also like to use different words and hate being repetitive while writing. For example instead of saying whispered I’ll use murmured, or something like that. I also like to use multiple words for colors like red, crimson, maroon, vermillion, etc.

For this I used a reverse word dictionary to help me find the perfect word to put in a sentence.

My best pieces that shows my word choice would have to be my larger piece’s prologue because of the amount of description I used to describe Yoso and it’s people.


Writing Trait #5: Sentence Fluency

I believe that I’m in exceptional (6) or the higher experienced (5) because my sentence have good flow and rhythm but because I use a lot of description most of my sentences end up being run-ons. But I believe that my sentences are very structured and flow well especially with the amount of detail in them. I think that my sentences are very well written because they flow, they don’t just say, she said, he said, it was a book, etc. It sounds natural and not like a robot is telling your story to a crying five-year-old.

I also believe that my sentences are interesting and show the characters thoughts, actions, and the world around them with detail. I think that my sentences are interesting and make the reader really visualize Yoso, the kingdoms, and the characters.

I feel like I express myself, my voice, and my style of writing into my pieces through the sentences and that the way I set them up is the reason why my writing is so entertaining to read.

Writing Trait #6: Writing Conventions

I’d say that I’m in the experienced (5) range because I’m good at grammar but there are still a few changes that could be made in my writing and I still have a lot more to learn about grammar usage, commas, etc.

I have very good spelling (thank god for spell check) whether it’s for easy or hard words, noted without spell check I’m still pretty good at spelling. I’m very good at punctuation but I could use a few pointers with quotations and commas because there are still some common mistake that I make (but doesn’t everyone because the english language makes no sense).

Not a lot of editing is needed grammatically besides maybe a few small mistakes I might’ve made but besides that I think that’s it has very good grammar (noted that I haven’t looked over the pieces that much since they’re all first drafts nd haven’t been peer-read either).

So all-in-all I’m good at grammar and grammar usage but I just have a few small mistakes/concerns that I need to work on but besides that I think I’m good.