Oil Pollution

"Stop the spills,and save the souls"

Did you know?

That about every year in total there are about 691 million gallons of oil spills all together.


Oil spills are sometimes cause by just accidents but did you know that sometimes they are mostly from something that is not an accident. Like for intense Routine Maintenance release 137 million gallons of oil into our water. Only about 5% of oil spills are really truly accidents and it's sad.


The effect of an oil spill is tragic, it hurts our economy and our animals. The animals that are effected in the oil spills are seriously damaged. They are sometimes trapped, and if the clean up crew can't get to them in time then they suffer a very painful death, and it's very sad.

Even once it's cleaned up, and all the animals are cleaned there is still some problems. They might look good on the outside, but on the inside their poor little bodies are full of sickness and diseases. Their lifespan shorten and they die out faster.


We can prevent most of these spills from happening by just keeping track and making sure that there is no mistakes made. We can also develop a way that we can safely and easily dispose of oils without hurting our economy.