Quest 10: Synthesis & Test

Component 1F - Designing student assessment


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  • TLAP rapport and assessment chat
  • Try out tech
  • Get started on assignment using tutorials
  • God & Growth
  • Exit Tweet

TLAP CHAT in pairs- pick your prompt...savvy?

  • Pick 1 prompt from rapport and one from question section.
  • Discuss with partner
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Establishing rapport and developing relationships with students is the key to getting them hooked and engaged in learning. It’s all about making personal connections with your students from day one. Dave suggests the play-dough activity, an intriguing quote on the board and greeting the students daily in a unique way (pgs. 19-32).

  • Prompt 1: In this chapter, Burgess states that in his opinion and experience an engaged student is rarely a behavior problem. Would you agree? Share an experience.
  • Prompt 2: Think about the activities you do during the first week of school to get to know your students and to help them get to know each other.
  • Prompt 3: How you can get to know your students in a unique way during the first week of school.
  • Prompt 4: What did you find interesting about this chapter?
  • Prompt 5: Do you have a memory from K-12 or college that relates to this chapter?


Prompt 1: As we continue to reflect on our decision to teach like a pirate, we need to stop and ask ourselves the right questions. “The types of questions we ask ourselves determine the types of answers that we receive” (Burgess, 2012, p. 34).

  • What are some of the questions you ask yourself to ensure students feel welcome and safe every day they enter your classroom and the content is engaging and relevant?

Prompt 2: Burgess (2013) stated, ” For most of us, creative genius is developed through hard work, directed attention, and relentless engagement in the creative process” (p.34).

  • What process do you have to unlock or ignite your creative genius?

Prompt 3: Burgess says "The types of questions we ask ourselves determine the types of answers that we receive". How does this relate to Danielson and our reading related to 1F?

Tech try out

Try out from student perspective

Try out Formative from student perspective

Try out EdCite from student perspective

Get to work!

Digital worksheet

Get into small groups (2 or 3) based on the tool you are using:

  • Edcite
  • Go Formative

Work at your own pace to practice creating a worksheet in the tool OR start to work on what your teacher has asked you to do.

Share in small groups what you created so far.

How to make a Wizer Worksheet - YouTube
Formative 2016 Tutorial GoFormative


Recommended for Secondary ED majors
Getting Started on Edcite

God & Growth

John 3:17 "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."

  • How does this verse relate to you as a future educator?
  • How does this verse relate to you as a student?

Exit Tweet - chose 1 prompt and tweet out a response.

  • What is one takeaway from class today?
  • How does this activity relate to TLAP? (if you respond to this post add #tlap and #gccedu to your tweet)
  • How did today's class help you practice growth mindset?
  • Where does today's class fit into the ISTE Model?
  • How did this class session relate to other courses at GCC?
  • Where does this activity fit into SAMR model?

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