River Road Trail

The trail expands!


What's happening now?

The second segment of the River Road Trail is advancing to the next stages. The first segment was constructed from Acker Parkway south to Brook Street. The second segment will connect at Acker Parkway and go north to Highway V.

What will the trail look like?

It will be a 10 foot wide paved trail.

Why is the project being done now?

The Village has been awarded a grant by the Dane County PARC and Ride Trail Program to fund this trail segment. The county portion of the grant $106,620 of an estimated $304,653 project. Construction is planned for summer 2016.

When will construction begin?

Planning and design of this segment is underway and construction is planned for 2016.

Is there a map available?

Yes. Visit the Village website at www.vi.deforest.wi.us. Under "Resident Information" choose "Community Projects".

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