Spring Break

by; Qutavious Merritt

Spring Break; Qutavious Merritt 4-4-16 2nd Period 10th Grade smore

My spring break was great I played basketball,ate snacks, watched t.v,did yard work,swept up the kitchen,washed dishes,stayed up late, exercised,clean up,I beat the grass with a stick,drunk sodas,went out to eat,and I did stuff for my grandma,oh and I fed my dog.

springbreak;Qutavious Merritt 4-4-16 2nd Period 10th Grade smore

I really enjoyed myself I went to Boone park and played,I got some new pants,and I ate ice cream,went to church ,and I played a lot of basketball, I did some push ups,and jumping jacks to get healthy,and last but not least I ate some peanut butter crackers.

Qutavious Merritt Spring break/smore 4-4-16

I sat in my rocking chair ate,drunk, then I just rocked and watched basketball, I played with my toys, and I threw away my old stuff.