Penny & Charlotte's 2/3 Class News

Cold Spring School

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A Look Inward

On Thursday morning, one of our friends arrived late for class. After greeting him, we learned he had been at the orthopedist. “My left leg is a little shorter than my right one so I got a lift to put in my left shoe.” As he made his way about the meeting circle allowing us time to have a close look at its design, he explained how the lift would help him. It inspired a look inward to what helps us get through or do something better – what we have discovered about ourselves.

“Taking notes helps me to do my best thinking about what I will write and how I will write it.”

“Practice helps me to improve my back walkovers.”

“When my room is darkish, it helps me to read.”

“Sometimes I need to use other parts of my body – other than my hands and feet – to climb the wall.”

“When everything is quiet, I can do my best reading… I can feel like I’m something in part of the book.”

“When I take batting practice in the batting cage, it helps me with swinging my bat when I’m in a game.”

“Using the side of the wall as a grip helps me to pull myself up.”

“Reading helps me do my best sleeping…when I concentrate on reading I don’t concentrate on being scared.”

“Stretching my body out helps me to reach the grips on the climbing wall.”


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