YouTube + Google+ for Entrepreneurs

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Learn How YouTube and Google Plus+ Can Increase Your Visibility Online

Video is one of the most powerful ways to represent your brand and story. Whether you are an entrepreneur, restaurant owner, a lawyer, a motivational speaker, or small business owner, having an online presence is important to your business success. If you want to be found online, YouTube and Google Plus are a must have when it comes to your company’s social media strategy.

During this 1/2 day workshop, participants will set up a Google Plus account and a YouTube Channel. Learn how to upload videos, set up playlist, and embed videos links on your web and blogsites.

BONUS #1: LEARN HOW TO CREATE VIDEO on your laptop with your webcam or your photos. No additional camera needed.
BONUS #2: YouTube and Google Plus Cheat Sheets.

Who Will Benefit From The Course?
  • Entrepreneurs who want to use social media to leverage their online presence.

What Will You Gain From the Course?
  • How to properly set up an YouTube account, upload and optimize a videos.
  • Create a well-defined strategy for your business on YouTube.
  • Learn how to make a video and slide show right on YouTube.
  • Learn why Google Plus so powerful for your business.
  • Learn how to set an effective personal profile that’s 100% complete.
  • How to use Google + to market your business.
  • How to optimize your Google + profile for SEO.
  • Increase traffic to your Web site with Google+.
  • Advanced tips & tricks for both YouTube and Google+.

Resources needed:
Laptop with a built in webcam (Recommended, but not required)
Prerequisite: To get the most out of this workshop get yourself organized by creating a desktop folder which includes your photos, your company description (rich in keywords) and 3-4 short videos.

YouTube and GooglePlus for Entrepreneurs
Check-in 30 prior to start time of workshop.

Joelle Norwood Emmy award wining Producer + Founder of The Media

ABOUT: Joelle Norwood - Founder of The Media Mama

Social Media Consultant, TV and Video Producer, Business-Accelerator & Multi-Passionate Mentor for your business and life.

For 30+ years, Joelle has been making people look amazing on camera and off, helping them connect with audiences all over the world. She is a three-time Emmy award winner, has interviewed the likes of Oprah, Angelina Jolie and Mick Jagger, and worked with CBS, Disney, MTV and Entertainment Tonight. She thinks that one of her biggest accomplishments and greatest roles is being a mother to one very amazing daughter.

Joelle’s philosophy: “Thankfully for all of us, technology has leveled the playing field. today everyone is a broadcaster." TV appearances and lushly produced video aren’t just for celebrities any more. Every entrepreneur can leverage their brand using the power of video and YouTube. As the founder of The Media Mama Agency, Joelle and her team uses guerilla-style marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs look like pros on online.

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YouTube and Google Plus for Entrepreneurs

YouTube and Google Plus are a must have when it comes to your company’s social media strategy.

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