Fish In a Tree

By-Lynda Mullaly Hunt


A girl named Ally Nickerson who has been to 7 schools in 7 years has a mind of her own. She does not know why but letters move to her and give her headaches. She always causes problems and can never stay out of the principles office. But when a new teacher, Mr. Daniels comes along her life changes. He makes things more easy for her. She makes some new friends named Albert and Keisha. She finds out she has dyslexia; this explains her problems. Her new friends help her be determined to learn to read.

Personal Response

When I started reading this book I saw that Ally was wanting what every kid wants - to fit in. I see that whenever she tries to do something nice she always gets hurt because of something stupid she did. Everyone treats her terrible. But Keisha and Albert always bring her up and help her with her situation. They would be great friends to have.


"When i was younger, I loved math. Everything about math. But in school, math has letters now. Like what does x equal? There are also long stories with characters, and although the story is supposed to end with some number, all words block my path to get there."

This part in the book is when the reader starts to see how she struggles because of her dyslexia. Even thought she is good at math, middle school math is hard when you can't read.


" But what really gets me is that in order for Mr.Daniels to come up with this plan, he must have thought of me out of school-when he didn't have to think about me. I bet other teachers never let me sit in their head one second longer than they had to.''

I think this part in the book is very important because that is when Ally really started to like Mr. Daniels. This is when he made a plan for Ally to do better and work on stuff that she likes and it will help her.