Erin's Lucky Charms

Weekly Newsletter 8/28/13

Team News

How is everyone doing with the incentive I sent out? If you need it let me know I sent it out a week or 2 ago and it runs through mid September. Set a goal of which prize level you want to reach then figure out which tasks you need to do to reach that prize level. I have only gotten a few surveys back so I would really appreciate it if you would take 5 minutes and fill it out and send it back to me- it will really help me be a better mentor/upline to you!

Power Hour or Booking Blitz

I encourage everyone to have their own power hour or booking blitz. I have been working my business harder than ever because I have committed to earning the trip to Cabo. One thing that I have been doing is being more diligent about calling my customers and leads. It can be so intimidating to pick up that phone- believe me I know!! But the results can be amazing!! Remember you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take. Be sure to use something to keep track of them. There is also a document attached about figuring out what you are going to say when you call people. Basically you will want to introduce yourself, tell them why you are calling, tell them about a special offer you are running (could be using the mini's from the mini mania as a free hostess gift for parties held in Sept.), Ask for what you want and thank them for their time.

Even if you don't have an hour you can do this in 15 minute blocks. I rarely sit down for an hour at a time. Schedule the blocks on your calendar and make it happen. Your business deserves it.

One thing to think of to make it easier to do these calls is to call for the "no". If you are calling to get a no response then you won't be disappointed when you get one. I am challenging each of you to get 20 No's this week. Once you have done it please send me a list with your results- what did you get out of those 20 no's? I will draw one winner from those who send it in for a special prize!!