The Phases Of The Cell Cycle

Juanisha & jalasia

Interphase (G1 ,S,G2)

The resting phase between successive mitotic divisions of a cell, or between the first and second divisions of meiosis .

G - "growth phase 1" - cell growth

S-"synthesis" - DNA replicate "make copy"

G2-"growth phase 2"-prepare for mitosis

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Mitosis begins , nucleus & nuclear membrane begin to disappear , & centrioles begin to move to opposite sides .
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The stage of cell division in which the duplicated chromosomes become aligned along the center of the cell .
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Chromosomes pairs separate chromatids are going to move to opposite sides .
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Chromosomes move to opposite ends of the cell and two nucleis are formed .
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The cytoplasmic division of a cell at the end of mitosis or meiosis, bringing about the separation into two cells.
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