Sunday, September 30

General Information: All FOCUS students

I hope you all have a wonderful fall break! Enjoy the time with your family. I will look forward to seeing the children on October 9th.

If we have Digital Learning Days at any point in the future,, please go to my E-class page for assignments.

Thanks for all you do to support your children.

4th Grade Math

We have recently been working on a division and problem solving unit. The children learned how to divide using the partial quotient method. We worked on solving multi-step problems using the four operations. We used the Brookwood Engineering and Design Plan to help us with this: read the problem carefully, underline important words and numbers, determine a strategy, show all work, and check over the work for errors. Today we took the test.

When we return from the break, we will begin a new unit. The children will be working on finding all factor pairs for a whole number in the range of 1-100. They will learn about prime and composite numbers and multiples.

Continue to ask about homework. They write it in the agenda before they leave my class each day.We have it almost every single day except Friday. I am still working with them on neatness and organization of their work.

They will receive CML when they return.

5th Grade Language Arts

Reading: We are almost finished reading Chasing Lincoln's Killer. We have all enjoyed it, and we have had some great discussions. We will begin a new extended text soon. We had several lessons over using context clues. These were very important lessons for our class since the books they are reading will often require them to use these clues. We just finished some lessons over figurative language--recognizing it and understanding it. When we return from the break, we will begin lessons on using details from the text to compare characters and events. We will also talk about point of view. We have started book clubs, and they are going so well! I love sitting in on their meetings. The discussions they are having are so interesting and let me know they are truly reading and understanding.

Writing: The first narrative piece was graded and scores are in the grade book. I met with every student to discuss their progress and gave suggestions for future writing. They just finished the second narrative piece. I will be grading those over the break and meeting with every student again. The children are making progress. It is rewarding for them and for me to see this taking place. When you come in for conferences, you will see both samples.

We will take a midterm test tomorrow over grammar. It covers figurative language, commas in a series, commas and semicolons used to form compound sentences ,and expanding, combining, and reducing sentences. These are all AKS we have worked on the first 9 weeks. These skills have been taught through the mentor sentences we use every week.

5th Grade Math

We just completed a unit on decimals. We added, subtracted, multiplied , and divided them. We spent a good deal of time with word problems related to decimals. We used models and number lines. We used the Brookwood Cluster Engineering and Design plan to work through our word problems. We took the test today.

When we return from the break, we will begin a unit on fractions. We will start with a short review of 4th grade fraction work. Then we will begin adding and subtracting fractions using visual models We will follow with adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. We will include estimation as a part of our lessons.

Please follow up with your child if multiplication facts are an issue. It is very important to know these.

We will begin CML again after the break.