Thursday, March 22

General Information: All FOCUS students

Here we are --a week away from spring break! I think we are all ready for this break Hopefully we will have some nice weather!. But for now, we still have very important learning going on. Please continue to encourage your child to do his/her best every single day. Also remember that Milestone testing begins the week after spring break. Specific information will be in the Friday folder tomorrow.

Please note the following message before moving on to read about the great learning taking place in our classroom.



It's time to sign up for the Brookwood Cluster Summer Gifted Camp! Gifted Camp is at Craig Elementary from June 18-21. Morning and afternoon sessions are available. To Infinity and Beyond is the theme this year and students will participate in a variety of science and STEM based activities. It is open to current 1st-5th grade students who are gifted and/or participate in Advanced Math, Science, or Lanugauge Arts at their school. Please click on the link below to sign your child up! Sign up closes on May 11th and payments are due by May 18th. We look forward to seeing you at camp!!

Alison Atkinson and Chris Locke
Craig Elementary School

Third Grade Math

We have just completed the time and measurement unit. The homework I send home always follows my lesson for the day, so you should have been hearing about capacity and mass. I brought in a lot of different sized bottles and containers when we started capacity. The children compared the different containers and were able to determine which containers would hold the most, which containers would hold the same amount, etc.

We have read clocks and determined elapsed time by using number lines. When they use the number line to determine the elapsed time, their answers are more accurate.

Our test is tomorrow. We reviewed with a power point the last couple of days.

We will begin a unit on area and perimeter Monday.

I have stopped Math Rules until after the Milestone. However, I will give out new logic puzzles for anyone who is interested tomorrow.

Please continue to encourage your child to work carefully and show work.

Thanks for all you do.

Fifth Grade Writing

We finished our second opinion piece. Now we are beginning work on memoirs. I am so excited about these. The children will be writing about a special moment in their lives--a time when they learned a lesson, learned something about themselves, or experienced something that really affected their lives. They could write about how a person has affected their lives, or a special friendship or bond with someone. There are many directions they could go with this. I have already shared some great pieces with them, and we will look at a couple more before they actually start.

Today we took some time to do a little creative thinking about Fractured Fairy tales. After the Milestone testing, we will start to work on these. The children will take a well-known fairy tale and fracture it in some way. They may change the ending, change a character, make it a modern day version, etc. They will work on these in groups of 4 or 5. We will perform these for kindergarten the last few days of school. It is great fun but also great creative thinking for them.

I have been reviewing grammar with the class for the Milestone. We have also spent time looking at what the writing portion might look like and how all the wonderful writing we have done is going to prepare them for whatever they are asked to do. Thank you for all you do.

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