A collage about Me!

Meredith Robinson

Things I value

Five things i value are my family and friends, education, being kind, helping others and having strong religious faith.

My Goals

Short-term Goal

One short- term goal I have would have, is that in the next four months i would like to save up to buy Beats BY Dre that cost $200. I will achieve this by saving my weekly allowance of $10.

Long-term Goal

One long-term goal that i would like to achieve within the next four years would be to acquire $1,045 for a Macbook Pro. I will achieve this by getting a job when i am eligible.

Things I want

Five things i want include Beats By Dre, a Macbook Pro, to be successful, to be able to watch Netflix on my TV, and to go to college.

Things I need

Five things i need include, food, water, shelter, education and love.