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Pharaoh Akhenaten has just mysteriously died! His son Pharaoh Tutankamen soon to take the throne. "Big changes to happen soon" says the soon to be Pharaoh after an interview with one of our interns.

Going Once! Going Twice!

Other News

Interesting Secrets From Inside the Palace Walls

Supposedly priests are persuading our young Pharaoh. They are telling him not only change his name but also change our religion back to polytheism. This is a pretty outrageous thing because his first law is to undo one of his father's laws.Be sure to read our next article to find out if it is definite or not. Catch us in the next article of the Theban Times.

The Capital of Egypt was Changed(and also our name)

Pharaoh Tutankamen has taken the thrones now that his father has died. He has made many changes. One of these changes was that he moved the capital from Akehaten to Thebes. His father, Pharaoh Akenhaten, moved the capital from Thebes to Akehaten, but now Pharaoh Tutankhamen has reversed the change. Our name, formerly the Akehaten Times, has been changed to the Theben Times now that Egypt has a new capital.

Economy Restored

When Pharaoh Akenhaten changed our religion, the temples of all the gods, but Aten were closed. This left many Egyptians who had previously been working in the temples unemployed. Pharaoh Tutankhamen(or the priests) have remedied this by restoring the old religion, and the temples have been reopened. Egyptians are once again being employed by the temples, and the economy has been revived.

Pharaoh Akenhaten vs. Pharaoh Tutankhamen; Who is Better?

Pharaoh Atenhaten has died, and his six year old son, Pharaoh Tutankhamen had become the new pharaoh. Pharaoh Akenhaten formerly declared all gods false except for Aten, and tried to destroy any evidence of the existence of the other deities. This made the priests less powerful, so they have manipulated his newly crowned son, Pharaoh Tutankhamen, to reverse all of these radical changes, and make the priests powerful once again. Pharaoh Tutankhamen will probably be raised by the priests and greedy government officials, because both of his parents are dead. Because of the people raising him, our new pharaoh will probably grow up to be a religious zealot, or extremely weak and timid. He will probably not grow up to be good leader, but this is a matter of opinion, and I my predictions may not be accurate so this all depends on your opinion.

Letter from A Reader

Dear Writer,

I disagree with the article, Pharaoh Akenhaten vs. Pharaoh Tutankhamen; Who is Better?, because I think that the predictions are incorrect. Pharaoh Tutankhamen will not be surrounded by greedy politicians. He will be surrounded by only priests that will show him how to follow the religion that his father unfairly tried to demolish, and he will be a great pious pharaoh.



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