Social Studies Update

Standards and PD Starting in August 2019

I hope all is well as some of you wrap up the 2018-19 school year and others continue in the year around school schedule.

I have discovered this year there are a lot educators not receiving my updates sent from Mailchimp. I am working on a remedy and in the meantime will be periodically using SMORE to communicate. Hopefully, this will reach more educators.

Revised Standards

The newly revised standards go to the State Board of Education on June 11 and we are confident they will pass. Here is access to the official letter from Interim State Superintendent Shelia Alles requesting the revised standards be approved. Within the letter is a link to the June 2019 Revised Standards.

One approved we will move forward with creating and scheduling professional development opportunities.

Professional Development Starting in August

Below you will find access to professional development series starting in August 2019 which means you have to sign up now. Fees for attending will not be invoiced until after the series has begun.

As always let me know if you hav any questions.

Professional Learning Starting in August

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