The Importance of Preparation

Final Exams

The Benefits of Studying

One of the many keys to succeeding at LaFollette is to study and prepare for your final exams. If you study and review some of the past things that you've learned in your classes, you might be able to relearn some of the things that you may have forgotten about and use them for your final exams. In addition to that, you could refresh your memory on the things you already know so that you won't have to be so nervous about getting your answers wrong.

The moment of truth

Why you should do well on your final exams

There are some people who fall behind and cause their grades to suffer. If you aren't able to get in the work that you were missing, don't panic. If you do very well on your finals, you may just be able to get a passing grade and have that second chance to try to turn things around for yourself. It's never too late for success.

Calm and Focused

You really want to make sure that you don't panic and freak out if you don't know something, because it won't help you remember. Just be cool and stay focused. Move on if you don't know the answer to something and think about it when you can come back to it. Just sitting there and staring at the assignment won't get you anywhere. I guarantee that you will have a less likely chance of doing poorly if you just focus and think about the things you remember. Another thing you want to make sure of is DON'T GET DISTRACTED. You will waste precious thinking and working time if you just doze off or space out during your finals.