Chapter 7

The Adult in Society

Tiffany Hedrick

Section 1 Early and Middle Adulthood

Adult Male Development: 5 periods of adulthood

  • The Early Adult Transition- ages 17-22, most important part is leaving home
  • Entering the Adult World- ages 23-27, career opportunities and form a stable life structure
  • The Age 30 Transition- ages 28-32, look back on the choices that have been made
  • The Settling Down Period- ages 33-39, form true commitments
  • The Midlife Transition- ages 40-44, question their life structure

Adult Female Development: 3 phases

1. Leaving the family

2. Entering the Adult World

3. Entering the Adult World Again

Section 2 The World Of Work

The Labor Force consists of all individuals age 16 and older who are employed in paid positions or who are seeking paid employment.

  • Composition- changes in the labor force
  • Unemployment- one does not have a job but is seeking for one
  • Occupations- different jobs people have

Section 3 The Later Years

Change Continues

People 65 and older are placed in three groups. These groups are the young-old, the middle-old, and the old-old.

Adjustment to Retirement people or elders must get use to not getting identified by their jobs. Studies found that income, health, social networks, and identity affect adjustment to retirement.

Physical and Mental Functioning includes things like when body cells begin to die, muscles and tissue begin to shrink, wrinkles develop, and the entire body begins to lose weight.

Dealing with Dependency and Death means learning to be a dependent person for assistance.

New Opportunities: retirement means they have the time to do things they always wanted to do