BISD Student Google Accounts!

Birdville students have a district-generated Google account

Student Google Accounts

Students in 3-12th grades have district Google accounts. Click below for the username convention and password.
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Google Slides Templates for Professional Presentations

Click here for printable directions.

Step by step directions with screenshots for sharing a presentation to a teacher-created shared Google folder.

Directions for Sharing a Slides Presentation

After you finish your presentation, you will want to make a copy of it and then share it with your teacher to the folder that he/she has created and shared with you.

1. Click on FILE in the top left.

2. Then click on MAKE A COPY.

3. It will just add COPY OF to your title. Make sure that your title includes your name and class period.

4. Click on the blue OKAY on the left.

5. Google will create your copy and you will be moving this copy into a shared folder that your teacher created.

6. At the top, near the title of the presentation, you will see a gray file folder icon. Click on this.

7. A drop down will appear and you need to click on the blue MOVE THIS ITEM that shows up at the bottom.

8. You will need to go up and click on SHARED WITH ME and then you should see a folder with your class period. Click on that folder and then click on the blue MOVE HERE button.

Quick-start Video Tutorial

Google Docs - Tutorial 01 - Basics

Longer Video Tutorial

How to Use Google Drive | Beginners Tutorial

How to Share to a Shared Folder Screencast

Google Support Directions for Drive

Google Support Directions for Docs, Slides, & Sheets