By:Dylan Phelps and Ryder Mccalib

What causes an earthquake?

What causes an earthquake is when the plate techtonics shift (move) and scrape together causing the ground above to shake.

What are the characteristics of an earthquake?

The characteristics of an earthquake usually caused by arise of ground movement in a fracture or slip of tech tonic plates. Also it includes the damage of buildings,transportation lines,and structures such as bridges and homes. 80% of all earthquakes happen around the pacific rim (ring of fire.)

Pictures of earthquakes.

What Texas-Eco regions might be effected by an earthquake?

Earthquakes do in fact happen in Texas.In Fact one earthquake happenened in the Piney Woods eco region in Nacogdoches county,Tx.

How do earthquakes negatively effect natural enviroments?

The negative effects of an earthquake on an enviroment are death to animals,dangerous terrain,and landslides.

How do earthquakes negatively effect people?

Earthquakes emotionally,physically,financially,and hurt structures.Emotionally by loved ones dying,structures getting destroyed,physically people can lose limbs,and financially buisnesses get destroyed.

What is one example of an earthquake that happened in history?

One event is the San Francisco earthquake it happened April 18,1906,this event happened in San Francisco, California.A horrible earthquake that killed many and destroyed many structures.

How do weathering erosion and deposition occur in an earthquake?

Rocks fall off mountains the rocks break and compact,when landslides occur they spread the old dirt, also flooding occurs and it carries the sediment and drops it somewhere else.