This Isn't A Flyer But ......

You Should Read It

You Think You Know Me

You say you know me. You say you can read my mind. Every friend thinks they know their best friend when they have to ask : "Are you OK?" and "Whats wrong?". When you have questions to me about me because you DON'T know, it tells you they don't know you, that they can't read your mind. Because if they could read your mind they would know that you get yelled at just because a sibling did something that made your parents mad. They would know that every mistake you make , you get reminded of everyday just to make you feel like your a mistake to even be ALIVE. You might think this never happens but it happens to me everyday and it probably happens to someone else to. If you think this shouldn't happen to people like me and like this story, comment, and share.

~ I am 13 and my name is Emily Williams, Thank you for reading.