Counseling Department Newsletter

December 2020

In this issue:

  • Mental Health Resources
  • Wachusett Wellness Newsletter
  • Thursday Counseling Block Presentations
  • College Guidance Network
  • Google Post Tuesday
  • National Honor Society Peer Tutoring
  • Parents Supporting Parents

Mental Health Resources:

A large part of the WRHS School Counseling Department's role is to assist students and families with mental health and social-emotional concerns. Many times families ask us for counseling agencies in the area for their child, only later to encounter long waitlists and insurance compatibility issues. On the School Counseling website (along with following the links below) you will view community resources available to you and your child.

INTERFACE Referral System:

INTERFACE is a mental health resource and referral Helpline that our community has contracted with to help children, adults and families become connected with mental health and wellness resources. Below, please find some information about what you can expect when you call the INTERFACE referral Helpline and are working through the referral process. Learn more about INTERFACE please click this LINK.

Wachusett Wellness Newsletter

Helping students adopt and maintain healthy behaviors is at the core of our school counseling program. To have healthy behaviors students must first start with education and awareness. Please visit our Wachusett Wellness Newsletter for December which includes information on managing holiday stress, practicing guided mindfulness activities and the Mindfulness/Meditation classes being offered during the month of December.

Please see our past newsletters as well:

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Thursday Presentations

Every Thursday the counselors have been meeting with one of the grade levels to discuss various topics including welcoming back our students, reviewing the college application process, and delivering our Naviance inventories; to name a few.

Our next two Thursdays (12/10 and 12/17) will focus on the delivery of our new Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program for freshmen. SEL is the process of developing competencies-- the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors individuals need to make successful choices. This year we are piloting a program through Empowering Confident Youth-- a program that help students build confidence and purpose through active self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, social awareness, relationship skills developed around CASEL competencies. The program developed by Jean Paul Paulynice, founder and CEO, will be delivered by school counselors, our school adjustment counselor, school counseling interns and some senior mentors throughout 9 weeks from December-March. Counselors are also working closely with freshmen seminar teachers so these skills can be further developed.

The objectives for the first week include:

  • Discovering what makes you unique by recognizing your core values.

  • Discovering what motivates you to be yourself and how being yourself makes you more self-confident.

WRHS joins College Guidance Network!

We are thrilled to bring our families and students a new service offering going into the new school year. We have signed up our school to have access to College Guidance Network, a virtual programming network specializing in demystifying the college admissions process.

Take a closer look at the full schedule of programming and speakers on their programming page. You will also be able to view past presentations there as well.

Inside Admissions: How an Application is Reviewed

Wed, Dec 2 - Wed, Dec 9, 2020


Register Here

Ask Us Anything: Admissions Experts Open Up

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


Register Here

Google Post Tuesday

Every Tuesday, the counselors will be posting in their google classroom. This important information could include information on upcoming presentations, mindfulness activities, celebrating diversity activities, etc.

WRHS Students: Please be sure to look at your counselor's google classroom!

National Honor Society Peer Tutoring

NHS members host tutoring hours a couple times per week each year in the Media Center. This year tutoring sessions will be held remotely from 2:25-3:00 each Monday and Friday via zoom.

Any interested students can please fill in this form.

This zoom link will be used on Mondays and Fridays at the times mentioned above for tutoring.

FREE Virtual Resource for ALL Caretakers Parents Supporting Parents (PSP)

We recognize what a challenging time this is. There is still much uncertainty and many challenges as the school year begins in whatever form your school district has chosen (hybrid, remote, etc.). We know that parents and caretakers are under tremendous pressure! We also know that caretakers are creative, resilient problem-solvers. The BRYT Family Engagement Team invites you to participate in our weekly Parents Supporting Parents group where parents can get & receive support from each other.

Please join us every week for PARENTS SUPPORTING PARENTS. Simply click the link and join the Zoom meeting. All are welcome so please share with family and friends.

View the flyer HERE for dates/times!