Bring on September!

Goodbye lazy days of summer! I hope you all had a fantastic Auguest! Congratulations to those of you who worked your business around summer travel, back-to-school, etc. Whether you sold a sunscreen or sponsored a new consultant, thank you for raising awareness, sharing our mission with others and spreading the Beautycounter LOVE! :)

Re-entry isn't always easy but I find it helps when I take time to GET ORGANIZED and DE-CLUTTER! When my office is clean my mind is clearer. This is my plan of attack:

1) Get myself and my workspace organized. Now that many kids have returned to school (or go back next week), it's time to get ourselves organized and at one with feeling calm, collected, and ready to maximize our Fall business!

My plan this next week is to:

  • Clean up my desk.
  • File papers away so I can think clearly and not in clutter land.
  • Grab a calendar and organize my family's fall schedule Sept-Dec.
  • Post my goals/vision board by my computer. (This is SO helpful!)
  • Select dates I'm open to do socials and 1 on 1's. I'm going for as many daytime opportunities as possible to work within my kids' schedule.

2) Block out time to navigate through our new Behind the Counter.

3) Mark my calendar for our Team & Home Office led calls.

4) Front load my month with 1 on 1's, a social and sell on-the-go with Labor Day!

5) I'm going to check out these time-saving apps recommended on Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Blog: I'm particularly intrigued by the "OMG, I can meditate app". The title makes me laugh. :) I've never been able to quiet the mind but I'm willing to give it a try! Anyone with me? It's just 10 minutes a day!

It's important to have the long view! What if Taylor hadn't?

As we are all new to Beautycounter, I thought this photo was a poignant reminder that we all start small. While we may have ups and downs with our business, it's those who don't give up and work hard who end up succeeding. Just imagine if Taylor Swift had given up at this point...
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Congratulations on your August promotions!

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Congratulations to all who earned our August Bag Incentive for Team Well & Aware! You ladies ROCKED it!

Leanne Kurtzweil, Joanne Schuring, Jennifer Gillespie, Carly Harvey & Ali Canezaro!!
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Remember that SUPER-HERO Nourishing Cleansing Balm I told you about last month? Well, you AND your customers can get it for FREE when you spend $150 from Sept 4th-7th!

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Check out our September incentives from home office!

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Why Beautycounter

Sarah Pearsall, Team Well & Aware

Here's to a rocking re-entry! September here we come! :)