Virtues and Vices

By Raiyan Walker


As people grow older, they begin to admire qualities in other people. For example, generally

people admire:

  • Truthfulness in someone who never tells lies, no matter how much they may get into trouble

  • Courage in a person who may overcome personal adversity or be of strong character so that they do what is right, even in the face of opposition

  • Loyalty in a person who remains faithful to friends, especially in times of difficulty

  • Fairness in someone who is always fair, irrespective of self interest

  • Love in someone who is friendly to everyone

  • Forgiveness in a person who remains willing to be friends with the person who hurt



A habit of doing what is selfish, bad or evil is called a vice. Vices lessen a person’s freedom to choose what is good. Jesus never did a Vice intentionally he mostly did virtues. The basic vices are the opposite to the basic virtues. Therefore, the basic vices which tend to lead to other vices are imprudence, injustice, weakness of character and self-indulgence.

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