Hernán Cortés

Ashton Braddock

The life, and Achievements of Hernán Cortés!

In the beginning, Hernán Cortés was an adventurous young Spaniard who dropped out of school, and signed up to become a ship worker on a merchants ship. When he was 18 he was running through the city to meet his married girlfriend when he fell off of a roof and broke his leg. After a year of recovering, the ship had sailed (literally), and he was told to go exploring because he "needed an outlet for his more adventurous tendencies" and he wanted to become rich by discovering gold, so he signed up to become an explorer on Diego Velázquez's ship that sailed to the new world. When they arrived to Cuba in 1511, he and Velázquez took control of Cuba. Diego Velázquez took position as governor, and was so impressed with Cortés that he secured a high political position for him in the colony. As time went on, relations between Cortés and Velázquez became weak until Velázquez tried forcing his sister in law and Cortés to marry but when Cortés refused, he became angry at him. After denying him more expeditions, Cortés took matters into his own hands and began to conquer land using Velázquez's resources. Leading to the Defeat of narváez. The places he conquered were: Cities in Mexico, Tabasco, Lake Tlaxcala, and Tenochtitlan.

Defeat of narváez

Thursday, Dec. 2nd 1520 at 12am

Cempoala Mexico

At this point, Cortés had conquered the Aztecs, and broke free from his troubled past. Nineteen ships and fourteen hundred soldiers under the command of Pánfilo de Narváez had arrived. Narváez had been sent by Governor Velázquez from Cuba to capture Cortés. Cortés was told by the city of Moctezuma, so he set off with his strongest men to fight Velázquez's army.
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