August Incentive

help me out ;)

Great Job!!

I seriously cannot believe how amazing you all were this month!! It is totally going to help make your 4th quarter incredible! We had record Promotions this month which is so exciting!!!

Congrats to:

  • Kelly Gemmel, Manager! This lady has it figured out! She sold $3,607 on her own this month!!!!!!!
  • Kristin Nightingale, Manager! She also hit Manager completely through her own sales!!!
  • Kelly Radunske, Manager! Kelly is breaking records in team members!!

You all were amazing so keep it up! The incentive for this month looks great, and I know I am making it my goal to accomplish this! Let me know if you are in as well!!

If you hit this incentive of 2 consultants with $500 PV I have something I am throwing in as well!! Totally worth it for you!

Ok Ladies, if you could all send me a screen shot of your final sales numbers and how many entries you should receive I would appreciate it! My phone is on the fritz, so I am trying to recover my original screen shot from 4 days ago.

It would be super helpful if you can let me know how much your sales increased over the past 4 days, every $75 is an entry! Plus every new consultant is an entry! So just let me know how many entries you should receive.

I will announce the winner this evening!

Again it is a $25 gift card to The Jones Market!

Good luck!!

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