Death Drive

the secret nature of humans

Influence from a Laconian

" Tthe] 'death drive' is not a biological fact but a notion indicating that the human psychic apparatus is subordinated to a blind automatism of repetition beyond pleasure-seeking, self-preservation, accordance between man and his milieu."

Who has the Death Drive

Every human has some degree of the Death Drive. Its what drives people to start smoking even though it kills them, or to perform dangerous stunts for a thrill, even if they are life-threatening. The Death Drive is inevitable, and part of the human psyche. Confronting the inevitability of The Death Drive can contain the worst forms of violence, but hiding it with a fear of death will result in lash outs and violence.

"Its Inevitable"-Death

What is the fear of death?

The Fear of Death is an artificial concept created by humans to try and hide their death drive. It is manifested in things like genocide or utilitarian actions to "save the greatest number of people". Embracing our inevitable drive towards death allows us to harmonize with our own inevitable destruction.