Support, Style

& The Fight to Cure Epilepsy

Hi Friends and Family

I am reaching out to ask for your support in helping me reach a very important goal and in the process to give back to a very important cause - the fight against epilepsy. (Please read below for more on our journey to find seizure freedom for our daughter Liberty.)

For any order that you place on my Stella and Dot website through Saturday, March 30th, 10% of the sales will go to the Charlie Foundation (an amazing foundation that works toward seizure freedom through the ketogenic diet - Your order will help me reach a very important goal. (read below)

For all orders over $150.00, I will send you a "Liberty bracelet" as a thank you for your support in helping me reach my goal, but also for helping the fight against epilepsy. The Liberty bracelet can be a reminder of how you supported us - it is beautiful S&D bracelet that happens to have the same name as my daugther and the blue color of her eyes :) Remember, Mother's Day & Graduation gifts :) !

Place your order on the link below or call me at 415.577.6188 to help you pick out something perfect.

Why give your support?

Our beautiful daughter Liberty was diagnosed with severe epilepsy 2.5 years ago. As a result we continue to turn over every stone and look at every solution possible to someday achieve seizure freedom for our sweet Liberty. While we are still working hard to reach our goal, throughout all of it Liberty has been amazing. She is happy, loving and resilient. She truly makes every day better than the last!

In order to have more time to help Liberty I made the decision to leave corporate life after 15+ years and find a job that gave me more flexibility and time. In February of this year I started my own business as a Stella and Dot stylist. As some of you know I worked for S&D corporately for 3 years helping to develop training for S&D's independent reps (stylists) and coached them to success.

My sole reason for starting my own Stella and Dot business is to have more time to help Liberty and our family more...and I have to say I am so happy I did!!

Less than 2 months into my new business I am having a blast - I have added some amazing woman to my team who are also looking for flexible income AND I am now in a position to make a key promotion within Stella and Dot this month - If this happened I would be one of fastest to make this promotion in the history of Stella and Dot and MOST importantly be well on the way to creating a new chapter where I can be home more with Liberty more to support her as well as our other beautiful daughter London.

To reach my goal of promoting this month I am asking friends and family to shop on my S&D website. It is the perfect time of year to style up your spring wardrobe, purchase gifts for Mother's Day and/or upcoming graduations. In addition to helping me reach my goal, you will also be contributing to an amazing non-profit that has helped many families find seizure freedom or reduction in seizure activity. The Charlie Foundation has made a huge difference in our daughter Liberty's life so we wanted to give back.

I am EXCITED about our new endeavor, and for me to be able to work flexibly around the needs of our family! THANK YOU for being a part of our lives!