By: Max DeLuca

When Denmark joined the European Union.

Denmark joined the European Union on January 1st 1973

Was Denmark a founder of the European Union?

No Denmark was not a founder of the European Union. And was also never with another country.

Where is Denmark located.

Denmark is located in northern Europe. And is near Germany, Sweden, and Poland.


The flag of the Danes or the "red flag" can from a Danish text in 1478. Also the white crops and red boarder were used by the crusaders against moors.

Capital and four major cities

The capital on Denmark is Copenhagen. And four major cities were Aalborg Aarhus biborg and soro


Denmark is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. Places they visit are tiloli gardens to go speak the Beauty of them. Also the old manor house and castles to see the ancient art and to learn what life was like 1000 years ago. Also The Vicking ship museum explore the ancient beauty of the ships they used almost 1000 years ago.

The geography and physical features of my country

In my country there is a lot of mountains in water surrounding it and it also is a peninsula called Jutland. And there are also big valleys and three volcanoes. It is even crowded with houses in small roads but only in some parts of Denmark.

Government type

Government in Denmark is a hereditary monarchy, unitary states monarchy, federact, representative democracy, constitutional monarchy, and parliamentary system.


In Denmark they use the kroner and euro.

Three interesting facts

Interesting fact is the language that Denmark uses is called danish. Second interesting fact is that the export in US dollars $50.8 billion. Thirdly the import in US dollars $93.6 billion.