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So this seems like a really good time to personally reflect on what was...this semester. Since our goal is to get our kids to a place of responsibility and self confidence along with personal and academic growth AND to pass a big test (cough, STAAR, cough), then this seems like a great time to see where we're at. Like, how're we doin'?

I found this article with 30 great questions for reflection. Pretty thought provoking!

I like these too...(From Elliot Seif - ASCD Educator)

How do I know when my students have accomplished my goals?

What are the best ways for me to determine whether my students have accomplished my goals? What types of student work will best demonstrate success? Student performances? Behaviors? Use and application of skills? Attitudes?

How do I get feedback from my students on how well they are doing? How do I use feedback to improve student learning?

What types of student work demonstrates progress on the part of my students? How can I provide constructive feedback so that students improve on what they do over time?

How do I customize and individualize learning for my students?

What can I do to help every student achieve my goals? What can I do better to make this happen?

What’s special and unique about my teaching?

What makes my individual style of teaching unique and special? What makes it work for me? Why do I do what I do?

How will I work on my teaching in order to improve what I do?

What opportunities are there for improvement? Who and what helps me to improve? What resources do I use? How do I collaborate with others?

As you think about these things, think about an area of growth that you would like to focus on next semester - it could be whatever you focused on this semester but don't feel like you are quite there yet. Once you have decided, type up "This is what I am working on..., watch for this" and then turn it into a QR code and place it outside your door. Next semester, when I am popping into classrooms, I can scan it and know what to watch for while I am in there. If you would like, link it to a google doc and I can fill it in while I am in there and give you immediate feedback.

Reflection has been taking up some of my thought time too the past couple of weeks. I am in a huge learning curve and have a ways to go. I can tell you I love working with you! I love watching the amazing teaching and learning that is happening in our school!! I don't know everything but it has been fun tackling tech problems and classroom management and lesson ideas WITH you!!! Can't wait for next semester!!

Thank you for letting me be part of your day!