SocietalShift & ConflictPerspective

Malvina Reynolds- Little Boxes

Her song is about the suburbian houses the middle class were getting built due to conformity and how they all looked the same.

This effected society because of how a song writer was singing about the middle class attitude and the fans would agree.

Bob Dylan performs a song, “The Times They are a Changin” for the first time

The song he wrote and sang was about racism, poverty, and social change.

It changed society because since the song is about the issues of the 60's, it was a song that recognized the change nationally. It captured the social and political minds of the 60's.

The Beatles come to America

When the Beatles came to America, they were already a success and a breakthrough in Britain. Everybody loved the Beatles and they were one of the biggest bands in the 60's and still known today.

The societal change was huge. They came to America after on of their albums sold one and half million copies in America and began performing concerts there. Everyone loved the Beatles and was a huge social figure and began the "British Invasion".

Growing your hair out long

Long hair began in the mid 50's and became huge in the 60's , especially for men. It became big when the Beatles had long hair and everyone tried to be like them. Bob Marley was also a huge influence to encourage long hair outside of Jamaica.

The social influence was encouraged by the counterculture movement to not shave. Longer hair remained popular due to rebellious youth.

Timothy Leary- LSD

Timothy Leary is a Harvard professor, writer, psychologist, and campaigner for psychedelic drug use.

During the 1960's, the counterculture movement was still big, so using drugs was a big thing. Having a teacher tell students that taking LSD encourages them to, which leads them to drug use in the future.

Malcolm X's rise

Malcolm x was on the opposite side of MLK. He believed in brutality in order to get his rights for the African American community.

This changed the way society looked at the African American freedom movement. Cops would have to clear streets from the protesting and the beating in order to get them to stop.

Bull Connor and his Fire Hoses

Bull Connor was the commissioner of public safety for Birmingham, Alabama. He denied many African Americans from coming into the city and didn't like African Americans.

Society saw this as an international symbol of racism. His actions to deny equal rights to African Americans made the southern states more racist.

Stonewall Riots

The Stonewall riots were a series of riots by the gay community against police raids.

This was the first major impact on society because they influenced the LGBT right movement and the gay liberation movement.

The pill becomes widely available in the US

People began to use birth control pills more and more as time went on in the US.

A lot of people began to use it. The Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional for the government to prohibit married couples from using birth control. Another societal shift was in a case where the Supreme Court ruled birth control pills legal for all Americans.

Engel V Vitale

Engel v Vitale was a landmark United States Supreme Court case that ruled it is unconstitutional for state officials to compose an official school prayer and encourage its recitation in public school.

This caused a giant controversy due to America being the land of the free which means freedom of religion.

Space Race

The space race was a race between America and the Soviet Union to who can get space flight supremacy.

The space race caused national security as someone could put rockets in space and encouraged many kids in school to learn more about science to become rocket scientists.

Watergate Scandal

The watergate scandal was a break in at the watergate hotel where democrat files were and the Nixon administrations attempt to cover it up. The CIA investigated and found Nixon had bugged many offices of his political opponent.

This made Americans very suspicious of the government and who actually got elected or who cheated their way in to office.

Osama bin laden is killed

On May 2, 2011, Osama bin Laden is killed by seal team six when they raided his complex.

America rejoiced over his death but society was scared of what was to come in the future because they know someone has to take his place.

9/11 occurs

On September 9,2001, three planes were hijacked by a terrorist group and attempted to bomb the twin towers and the pentagon. Two planes hit the twin towers but the other plane was taken back over by people in the plane and crash landed in a field in Pennsylvania.

Everyone in the world heard about this event and Americans were shocked. Society changed by having more airport security, more Air safety, and even more troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.