Jeffers Pond Friday Outlook

April 8, 2016


Playground Equipment additions Voting for students: Classroom teachers, please see the links below for option A and option B. Show your students both options and then have them vote on their favorite. Note that there is a 15 second YouTube video linked in the notes section so the students can see what it looks like in use. Please count the number of votes for each option and then enter and submit the votes in the Google Form by April 14.

After school professionals week: April 25-29 is after school professionals week. We will be recognizing ALL staff, including our Kids Company staff during teacher appreciation week in May.

SWARM: Our next SWARM will be on May 17.

Conference information: You will be given a Referendum information sheet for each of your students. Please put those in the conference folders. You will also be given summer school registration forms. Only give those to the families you feel summer school would benefit. More summer school forms are available in the office.

Book study opportunity: Jessica McMahon and Missy Short are going to be offering a Digital Book Club that is starting April 18. The book club involves one in person meeting and the rest on Schoology. We are reading Ditch the Textbook by Matt Miller, and although the title appeals more to secondary teachers, there is plenty for elementary teachers as well. For more information, check out:

Laker Maker Moment: Please see the link to the document Kris created that was shared at the early release day. This document is a great place to start with planning if you need ideas. Please include your grade level ideas on the bottom of the document. Let Kris know if you need any additional support or resources.


Thank you to Sara for letting us use her legos and bowls for our making moment.

Thank you to Chelsea for helping out with 3rd grade RUOS professional development at the district meeting.

Thank you to Bonnie and Claire for their help with the AGR information regarding report card comments.

Thank you LeAnn for helping us with the ESTEM survey and EiE books.

Thank you Stephanie for coming to PTC this week and representing the teachers.

Thank you to Dick for his extra help getting our building ready in a short time for the joint PTC meetings on Tuesday.

Inspiring Greatness

Laker Maker Moment

Thank you for your engagement in the making activity yesterday. I truly appreciate how each group came up with a different design with the same challenge process. That is exactly what the Maker Moment is all about! I am excited for students this spring.

We are excited to add new pieces to our playground and want to get student voice in that decision. Please look at the links below. The first link shows the options available. After you have shown the options, please have a class vote and record the number of votes for each option in the second link (Google Form listed below.)